Is this a high install rate for AppFlood?

Hi all,

I will launch my first app for Android platform soon. The app is Manga Rock - a very successful manga reader app on iOS.

Currently, I’ve used Google Beta Testing feature and have around 400 beta users. The app is Free and showing ads from AppFlood.

In the past 1 week, the app generates around 400 click with only 2 installs (0.5% install rate). I get 2 dollars for that.


This is my first time using a pay-per-install ads network. So I really need your advice.

Anyway, if anyone is into manga, you can download and try the beta version HERE <— Google Plus link (follow the page to download the beta version).

Any help is very appreciated. Thanks!

my install rate with interstitails in a game was usually 1-2% (from clicks)

The install rate with beta users doesn’t tell you anything, you have to release it to see the real data.

Thanks for your reply!

But since I strongly believe that my app will get tons of downloads when it launches, this 1-2% differences in install rate could easily mean 1-2k differences in income.