Is there scope for a newbie to earn?


I was wondering if it was possible for a person with no coding skill or experience to develop android apps and earn money or is it only for those with technical skills? Would you recommend any android app development platforms for someone with no coding knowledge or are these too basic? Has anyone been successful and earned money from having no technical skills and by using easy android app development platforms?

If so how much could one realistically earn with apps from a position of little skill/experience?

Many thanks

I am no computer science student or a programming course related. I learned java because I want to create android app for personal use and then later after 1 year I decided to monetize it and then 2 years later I quit my job. :smiley:

Google is my teacher :smiley:

I Googled everything what is a variable and even I have questions in stackoverflow how to instantiate a java class(until now i want to delete that question :smiley: )

Go with quality apps and focus with it… Think of something what people will gonna use everyday…

Once you have really decided to work on it, things will not be hard.
Many app makers can be used to make a “half-decent” app which you can monetize and earn money.
You can always go for quality or quantity. Quality will not be easy, because everything has already been done - quantity is OK, you can make apps which can be useful even if there are other similar apps available in the market. You will eventually have your own crowd and your own decent revenue.

App makers I can suggest are Andromo and AppYet. Andromo can be used to make many useful apps and will not cost you much. You can try it first before you buy a paid subscription.
Appyet is for free but has limited options - only RSS related apps can be made, but apps from Appyet do look really good. Problem is, they only include admob banner ads (and actually they only offer you the 70% of the ads impressions and keep the rest for themselves) and noone makes enough money with them. With a service such as ads2apk you could inject more ads in the Appyet apps (but it is against their policy, supposing you cared). If you wanted to do it anyway, you could register through my signature referral link and earn me few coins for my own ads integrations.

Money can be made for anyone. Even a radio app with Christmas stations (you know there are hundreds of them in Google Play) will be able to earn you an average of $10 per day around Christmas season. It happened for me when I was starting.

If you go for quantity (for example 20 apps) but actually spend a few hours to make each app look good and perform as expected, if you do some FB or Twitter promotion ( I never did that) and if you have the apps on more than 5 Android markets, you could be making anywhere from $10-30 per day. Not bad for a start, right?

How long ago was that? Because things seem much, much harder now.

Christmas 2013.
The same app made me 20 USD per day on Christmas 2014, with the much needed update of course.

Thank you so much for the replies and advice. Thanks for the information and advice Anteos. I had read that it was difficult to earn from android apps and that very few earn but your post has given me hope.

Well, I guess getting things done totally at the perfection level without any skill or experience I don’t think that’s going to work out at all ! And I don’t think you can earn that much at all ! I would say the best idea will be pairing up with a friends that have coding skill and then work together over the idea (you) and coding (your friend)…

So without coding and skills it would be difficult to make apps to earn a decent income?

@pce800 - since it is hard right now to do WITH coding and skills I would say yes. Although luck and a good market sense might help. :slight_smile:

Well, yes @pce800 its pretty much difficult to earn a decent income without having proper knowledge of coding skills ! As I am sure you would be aware that there are tons of apps over the Google PlayStore but only handful of them generates good revenue ! Means they must be having something that other apps doesn’t have and which is the reason why I am saying that you are going to need some good coding skill (it can make you stand out from others).

I guess as I have no coding skills it won’t be worth me getting into app development as it will be difficult to earn any money.

I have no skills at all. Well, i knew to integrate ads, admob ads. that’s all. I have only ideas, and i hired people to make apps based on my requirement. I have no office, what i mean is about hire people from online forum. Or freelancer websites for the simple one. My apps generated hundreds every single day.