Is there anyone has better admob RPM from Mar 11

Our revenue and RPM with AdMob has increased from 11 Mar:

.22 to .34

It is a very good results, but I am wondering is there anyone out there has the same number like me?

Q1 is about to end and as usual advertiser spend is on the up.
That’s most likely the reason you’re seeing an increase with Admob.
Myself and others are seeing the increase.

RPMs will get stronger over the next few months by about 20%-50% for most geos.

Yes, i noticed an increase as well. Its up about 30% starting march 10th

My revenue on AdMob dropped by half (approx) today. It was very good for the past weeks (Interstitials were around $2.50 to $4.00), and now as of today dropped to “normal” ($1.50). Has anyone noticed similar pattern? Im asking because I made some changes to my app that might have affected it… but I think it’s something bigger.

Today I noticed AdMob eCPM dropped by half.

Yesterday I had the lowest eCPM in history: €0.21. I usually have ~ €0.45. The previous worst eCPM record was on March the 4th when eCPM was €0.38.

Downloads also dropped by around 30% after the new game categories were introduced.

i get only $0.04 today

3/23, my AdMob revenue and eCPM dropped to 60%…
3/24, waiting the final report.

i got the same

Since saturday my RPM dropped again, lets hope it doesnt fall too far this time.

Mine is as follows:

Mar/21 (benchmark): 100%
Mar/22: 84%
Mar/23: 44%
Mar/24: still waiting, but it seems it will be around 67%

Mar/23 was ridiculous (44%), I hope it stays now at least at 70-75% of what it was before.

both sunday and monday with RPM drop. CTR not changed so its cost of click that went down

My revenue droped 30% the last 3 days! Only ecmp and fill rate down . Download and resquest still normal

my RPM also dropped 60% from this sunday…23-March.

Did anyone tried amazon ads? Is it good?

I use Amazon Ads for 6 months, they pay very well on banners. On the beginning their SDK was buggy, but now it’s pretty stable.

And also they are starting to test Interstitials now, so can’t tell yet, should be released to public in a couple of months.

3/25 , AdMob eCPM Seems to be back to normal…

Yep, here seems to be normal again today. I mean, not normal, but similar to what it was 4 days ago (which is HIGHER than normal).

weekends = lower ecpm. lets write that down everybody

yep agree…even my RPM is back to normal…

Is it back to normal though? My RPM is still shit, returned to normal for only one day in the past 7 days…