Is there any ad network which supports unpublished (not on any store) app like AdMob?


Of course. Try Appnext.

We have ads on a global scale, so fill rate is 100%.
As for being better thanj Admob - nobody can give you this answer. For some publishers, Admob is the solution there is, for others - the worst. You cannot find the right monetization solution for you without trying some of them first.

Choose “website” (and not Android or iOS), that is the best solution. At any case, you will NOT get test ads. We don’t work like that.

It doesn’t mean anything… it will just provide you with a placement ID so you will not have to put in the Google Play link (because you don’t have it). Don’t worry about it.

Most networks will not require you to have your app published but they recommend it.

Appnext sent me a message yesterday that I had to introduce my apps market urls or they would suspend my account so it apps must be published in a market.

No, you misunderstood. You have to provide the link to your app, so we will be able to see where our ads appear. But it doesn’t have to be on Google Play.

If you have any further issues with this - let me know.

Has this become mandatory for everyone? what if we use the same Placement ID for multiple Apps?

Then this shouldn’t be a problem, unless someone asks us questions about where this traffic is coming from.

Having out-of-Google-Play apps is NOT a problem, we just need to know which app it is.

So it is ok if I upload my app to my server and I put this link?

You should ask our support team for a final answer, but it should be OK.

That’s a different issue - shouldn’t change the policy, but you need to talk to our support team about it.

Ask Support, they will know for sure.

We are not checking copyright issues. We only ban adult and gambling traffic, so you should be OK.

Difficult question. so many variables in this equation.

generally speaking, if you have more users in tier 1 countries with good wi-fi/3G/4G connectivity, you’re better off using video. By the way - our interstitial video recognizes the connectivity of the user - if he has good connectivity, he will see the video. If not, he’ll see the static interstitial.

Keep in mind that you get paid for the Install the same amount regardless if you displayed a full screen video or an interstitial ad. So you need to decide based on your user base.

You’ll have to discuss this with someone from the support team.