Is there any ad network what allows cash flow between publisher<>advertiser?

To promote own app in flexible way… for example, I earned $100 and immediately I can use it for app promotion in the same network.

I know that:
-millenial media allows but we have to wait 45 days before use funds ;/ not acceptable
-appbrain allows but net30 before use funds, not acceptable but better than millenial
-admob had this but probably deleted option
-mobilecore had house ads but in the past and they are closing

any ideas?

I think Applovin allows it and Appnext also allows it

Applovin not allows. Appnext yes but every transfer needs manual action, so it’s not for example if you have 50$/day and want to reinvest it immediately :slight_smile:

have you tried appbrain , they have this option already

Yes, I tried but they have net30, not automatic transfer and spend. I mean earn>spend>earn more>spend more> earn moooore> spend mooore, to create snowball

Heyzap I believe immediately lets you transfer funds for house ads or for advertising.

But heyZap earnings are very very less compared to used mediation networks with heyZap…so we get vey less from heyZap …

Chartboost allows you to transfer earnings and use them to advertise (minimum $100).