Is there an option to track "Impressions" vs. "Installs" for Google Play?


I wonder if there is an option to assess how good the description / screens / video are for my app - what would help is a simple number that will show how many impressions my Google Play page got vs the number of Installs received. Is there some way to get this done? Using some specific code in the description? Using Google Analytics? Any other method?

That would be very interesting indeed

You can track it using Google Analytics on the Acquisition -> Referral Flow. To enable it you need to link your Android developer account with your Google Analytics account.

strange … I got an email that someone replied here and there is no reply. anyway … the post stated that its available in google analytics - and indeed on the Aquisition->GooglePlay->ReferralFlow you can see “Play Store Views” and “Installs” measures. They look quite inacurate on my console … show appbrain while no appbrain campaign was there.

someone smart should look into that and possibly this is the place to look for that info. let me know how it looks on your end. Thanks.

well, the only way is 'learning by doing" Although, there are a lot of different systems offering you paid installs. What can you do is start the campaign with one of those systems and then look at how the new users behave or even send them a review to complete. Try not to do it in the country, where most of your target audience is. Start in some Asian countries or in Eastern Europe! First of all - it is cheaper, and your description is good enough there, it would be ok in every country. Try those guys, they offer installs for like 0.3$.

You may be getting referrals from AppBrain’s “app discovery” app. They have an app that suggests people popular apps based on what they already have installed. If your app is popular enough with many of their users, they may be suggesting your app to their other users.