Is that normal that adconlony dont work every time ??

i have testing it today and what i see i have more than 50k request ?? Request ?? I dont now why ???
And only 100-300 impermissions lol ??
So my question is that normal that adcolony dont work every times ??

Fill rate is really low and users will get No video at the moment message most of the time. Its a good network. They are suggesting to cap videos like 7 per day but I doubt they have that much but its based on the country wise.

Try this network with any mediation network.

Hi rayleigh,

If you’re looking for an ad network that has endless mobile video inventory, you should check out Supersonic’svideo ad mediation. We serve mobile video from over nine different ad networks including adcolony, fyber, vungle, admob as well as our own. Our algorithms automatically ensure you serve the highest paying video ads so you can maximize your revenue!
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You have good mediation options available. I recommend supersonic or heyzap. Give it a try!

can someone say me what the ecpm of supersonic and heyzap is ??
Also what about PlayHaven the ecpm is more than 30 $ wtf when they say the real number

What’s mediation?
Does it have to sign up in every network or just one?

Hey @rayleigh @Coconut_blade,

Supersonic’s eCPM for video ads is between 4-9$.

Mediation is a platform whereby several ad networks serve all their ads in one place. For example, with Supersonic’s video ad mediation, developers can access the video ads from over nine ad networks (including Supersonic, Admob, Airpush, Adcolony, Flurry) so developers are certain to have 100% fill rate in almost all geos. Plus our algorithms ensure that you serve the highest paying ads so you’ll make the most revenue out of every video ad you serve! And it’s all within one SDK :slight_smile:

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