Is still worth it?

Hello guys,

I’m beginner in developing apps. I publish 4 apps by now on Play/Amazon. Earnings is a few cents per day. And when I read this forum, my motivation for learning programming and marketing suddenly drop, because I read a lot of posts how app business slowly dying.

What do you think? I make reskins for now because programming from stretch is too difficult for beginner like me :slight_smile:

Thanks for all advices!

How many downloads does your app have?
If you make a unique app you will make money a little more money.

You can’t just simply throw in some apps and rest. Marketing is like half the work. (The even harder work if you have no clue how to do it)
What I wanted to say is: it might have gotten harder, but doesn’t mean the market is dead yet. There are still new apps every day that make it really far.

I’ll go even further and say that marketing and proper ASO is 80% of the work. The times we could just upload an app and collect are long gone unfortunately. Just look at how many crappy apps have 1 mil+ downloads. Why? The owner of those apps kept promoting them. Buy installs, cross-promote with your other apps, social media exposure and so on, the process of making an app successful doesn’t spot when you finish coding it

@Karnak, There is a suggestions for you that if you have less programming experience so how you are able to develop Apps…You feel comfortable to develop same? Every beginners need to focus on learning and in small application for making their skill best…

Thanks guys for suggestions. I have a very little budget for marketing and also my english is very bad so I stuck there :frowning: my all apps combined have about 5k downloads and around 55usd earn.

ASO simply doesnt work for me or I’m really dump. I was buy Gabriel udemy course…follow him, but still my rankings is not that good. What you guys do for better rankings for keywords?

Are paid installs only option for success?

I couldn’t agree anymore.

It’s a lot harder these days to get ranked, that may change soon if they enforce the new content rating stuff and remove any apps that havn’t applied for a rating.