Is possible to get a new adsense account after banning?


My Adsense account has been banned. Is it possible to create a new account with differnt banc account, address but same name?



There is different ways with some tips, but never is 100% secure because you as marked as banned.

nope they also have details of your gp developer account.

Yes, my adsense account has been baned 3 months ago. AFTER a mounth I made another account on the same PC only with another name. The adress,country the same. Las mounth I receive my payment…so it’s working

what do you set on bank details? same?

I used the same credit card but another bank account.

Your allowed to make a new account but it has to be in a diferent name, ie Wife, Brother, Sister, mother, Dad, Neighbor, Corner Prostitute, Moe with the gimpy leg, That crazy guy above you, or you can register as a business. After 7 years you can make a new account in your name as after 7 years they wipe records clean.

Where have you heared the 7 years thing?

Personal Experience.

Originally suspended in 2004 for adsense. I tried registering every month for almost 7 years with same name and same social security number and finally after 7 years in 2011 they allowed me to register again. Then on June 13th I got suspended even though I dont even use adsense anymore, for some reason they suspended my admob on the adsense side of it.

I also know you can have multiple accounts at same address as long as it is a diferent name because my brother had adsense since 2006 for his website and his account is still active even though it is same address as mine.