Is piracy a big issue for your country?

Hey guys, i’m an android developer from China. I’ve very curious to know whether piracy is a big issue in your country. If someone steals your idea of making an app or just copy it to get rich, will he get into big trouble? Thanks for your answer!

Hi! I’m from Russia, and here piracy is very big problem. Almost all programms and game are simply available in cracked versions. I think, those, who directly steals an app, may have some problems (in theory), but if he steals an idea - he’s in safe. The main problem is - how to prove the fact of stealing?

Do developers in Russia know how to protect their own products? Or any service online that can prevent privacy happening? (like giving pack service for free)

Well, I think, the big companies can do something, but for independent developers anti-piracy protection is too expensive, especially in case of such abstract terms like “idea”.

Well, if someone make an online pack service for free, would you like to have a try? I see a great market potential here :slight_smile: