Is NotifyMob Legit?

I want to hear from people who have tried it out and what it is like. I am unsure if I should use this company or not.

never heard about them… so probably stay away.
but can I be offtopic a little. your app, the one with the big image in the signature. you can’t have 122 5 stars reviews with 100-500 downloads… I mean it’s clear that you paid for them. Google will penalize you for this.

Another off topic comment. Actually there is none or just a little people who might consider using your app. Of course, you can use your app as signature however its size really uncomfortable. Whenever I see a post from you more than half of the screen is your signature. It’s really annoying.

We target college students and young adults. We surveyed a college with over 20k students, and over 60% of them said that they would use our app if they were at a party. We are here to protect young adults from making silly mistakes. Thank you for your input though.

I think they just remove the reviews if they are indeed payed or from the same ip adress.

never heard about them… stay away…

you should ask @Pixelpower about Notifymob, he surely has an answer :slight_smile:

Well on a serious note I have heard about them and heard only good things. I was thinking about trying them because I am testing out banner alternatives to Admob and they have a youtube video showcasing their banner ads. And they pay every friday, usually devs rave about that feature.

@xjoey20x, never heard it.

Basically they pay every Friday on a you reach $25 . They are a new company. Don’t mind some developers here most are afraid to try something new even if it works great. Everyone who uses Notifymob likes the service and you won’t hear any complaints.

I see the poll and negative responses from people who never used the service. How could you rate or judge something you never used? My suggestion not just for this but everything on this site, use a critical eye on everything. I noticed a trend of developers answering questions or topics that they have no clue about. Be careful with who you take advice from.

This thread was probably started with the intent to hear from developers that have used our services; however, I’d still love to chime in. We like to think we’re pretty good at what we do. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@emmastacey, @Crichton333, @danzaerz We’d love to prove our worth. Give us a chance to show you how well we do against other ad networks. We consistently outperform. I’d personally see to it that you are happy with us. We can discuss your monetization strategies and potential Notify benefits in greater detail via PM, IM or email. We truly enjoy working with our developers and go the extra mile to service our partners. We take great pride in delivering strong performance results, as well as friendly and prompt support services. Thank you for your consideration.

Perhaps there should be an “unknown” option for this poll. It makes sense to be conservative and to do your due diligence on a potential ad network. As you can see, there are no complaints from actual developers who use our products and services. We invite all to come and see.

I agree with @Notify, that it is wrong to judge without checking it. They are paying every week if you earn more than 25$, this you will not see in any other network. So, wouldn’t be a problem to test.

I just registered and will give a try.

My only concern about them is earnings reflected into your accounts just once per week. Mobilecore and AdColony make it almost instantly. Startapp, Appnext and morenetwork, update earnings once a day. Notifymob says that they will make an update to make earnings visible but it is not clarified when will do it. Waiting for a whole week to see how your apps perform not a good thing for an ad company.

update earning in real time is a big concern


We understand that you want to see live earnings updates and we are working to deliver the most accurate earnings reports available on the market. We are consistently beating our developer partner expectations when it comes to actual eCPM and revenue, which should give you confidence despite the once-per-week earnings updates. We hope to get this feature done for you ASAP because we know that you like to watch the dollars and cents tick upward. :slight_smile: Note: Currently all of the earnings seen in the dashboard are final (no scrubbing or adjustments).

Happy Developing!

they legit got paid $38.45 from them yesterday on a few test apps from about 16,000 impressions. so comes to like 2.32 ecpm rate, it is actually higher ecpm rate since the triple play unit which shows 3 banners actually shows up as 3 impressions instead of 1.

I will try this once they have real time updates on their dashboard… :slight_smile: I don’t want to wait for 1 week just to see how my app performs.

@romel_emperado replying via email. Thanks!

Integrated it in my app just using interstitial and banner ad. Does notifymob allow refreshing the banner say for 30 seconds?

Answers: 6 - bad, 6 - good. Very hard to tell if it is scam… I don’t know if I should try… But these weekly refreshing stats is rejects me. I think we should wait 2-3 months to check their seriousness