Is Mopub any good?

Hi guys,

How does Mopub’s ECPM fare compared to Admob?

I’m thinking of trying it but first I would like to hear some first hand info…


I’ve been using it for about a week. It’s a little more complicated than admob. It’s hard to see how much you’ve made especially when using mediation. But the money is way less than I was making with admob maybe less than 20%. Their market place inventory doesn’t look too healthy either I get the same ad every time I open my app

Tried mopub for a week with Startapp,mobileCore and Admob…Fillrate is 75-80% …Revenue drop by 15-20%…Changed to my own customization for showing ads.

Thanks @dav800 & @NokiaDev!

I have been receiving some heavy spam from them to try their ads… but reading your opinions makes me feel that it’s not a good idea.

I believe MoPub has potential, not talking about their marketplace, but as mediation network. Now they have server-to-server with MobileCore and StartApp, for those who like to use those networks.

In my opinion, pros when using a mediation networks like AdMob, MoPub, or any other:

  • If you have any account manager or good contact in the ad networks, you don’t lose that advantage.
  • They are giving you tools to improve your revenue.
  • Your eggs are in different baskets, and you can always plug in/out any ad network.

You need to spend time, learning how to use those tools, and even more, analyzing data, so you can make proper changes in the settings.

Hi Androiddev4,

At Airpush we have a new SDK plugin available to work within Mopub mediation so you can have access to our 360 abstract banners and smart wall ad units. You can check out our interactive demo site for these ad types here at Airpush Publisher Demo

Shoot me a PM to chat further, and I can have it setup for you.

Airpush Nick

Nick - we were discussing MoPub. When you pump every thread with a promo for Airpush, even when irrelevant, it comes across as desperate. IMO

I’m sorry to hear you didn’t see my post as relevant, even though we have a Mopub SDK Plugin available. I guess this doesn’t interest you - $500 Incentive for Beta Testing

F off nick

I haven’t heard of either one of them. I’m guessing it’s a way to get your apps on the market.

What’s the fillrate with your own customization? I’m interested in MoPub mediation because that will allow me to split the traffic in any ratio I like between the ad networks. Does your custom solution just turn a network on or off or have you implemented splitting as well?

Using a simple json parse from web to use a network of my choice to show ads(either mobileCore or StartApp) with admob banners…

Isn’t it likely then that your revenue drop was probably caused by one of the mobileCore or StartApp under-performing during MoPub mediation? With all the traffic going to either mobileCore or StartApp, whatever your current setup is, your earnings get better. I think, this could be configured in MoPub as well.

Yeah I can do that In mopub as well…but I removed mopub SDK so my apk size will get reduced by 1mb and apk size comes under 2mb(with mopub 3.2mb)…

The solution that @NokiaDev is using is great in case you want to have X number of ad networks and use the JSON just to turn on/off the one you want.
But I would go with MoPub instead of that. When you want to consider the different CPM, building different “waterfalls” for different group of countries, when you know where your different ad networks perform better… The simple JSON isn’t enough.

My thoughts exactly. I’m definitely gonna give MoPub a try and have a go at building a “waterfall”. I’m getting this feeling that others didn’t spend time configuring it and expected it to work out of the box.

I have the basic configuration already integrated, but will take longer to see results since I’m working on iOS. Something like 10 days to get the update live, if they don’t reject :wink:

Better late than suspended later! :smiley:

I made a bad experience with Mopub:

  • complicated and buggy dashboard
  • bad support.

I use moPub but their SDK is very buggy which causes bad user experience. I use them though because of the Marketplace that has a bit higher eCPM than adMob for me.