Is Mobile Core is Playing With Impression ?


I am just try to wondering why mobile core is playing with impression.On 26 Dec i received 6000 impression but yesterday i received only 1000.How it is possible because flurry is showing no of session for that game is approximately same as 26 Dec . Did any one still facing with this problem…?

Please mobile core let me know how it is possible…

Same issue here. Impressions and revenue for 27 December -60%.

Waiting for reply.

Hey guys,

Some changes we made in the site caused this reporting bug.
It has been fixed few hours ago.



Hi Thanks

Please also check the ecpm because it decrease almost 40 % .

Yeah, the impressions come back to the dashboard, but the revenue not. I mean, there is an important revenue drop for the 27 December.


I’ve got a huge drop in revenue/impressions as well, but it actually went up a bit now. Revenues dropped about 37% over the day before while impression only dropped by 12%.

Today Mobile Core also did same thing.Reduce Ecpm…Earning dropped 50%

Could anyone tell me Is mobileCore just use CPI model, or CPC, CPM ? … thank

They’re CPI only. Yesterday I got a nice $2.43 eCPM from 27k impressions, so far I’m pleased with them but waiting for the banners ads to be released.