Is Midverse exciting

New ad network born some time back. Midverse is providing “Cost Per Quality Engagement”. Looks like their ecpm would be more as they are not just getting advertiser money for downloads but for engagement (like playing first 5 levels will give user x number of coins).

I got two mails from them requesting me to add their sdk into my apps for better ecpm.

Though looks like an extension of tapjoy incentivized installs but let’s see…


I think it’s an awesome twist to a growing problem of user acquisition. Thanks for the share, however I did not find any way to sign up?

As I said I got 2 mails for integrating their sdk so it may be on invite basis. Sharing contact details below. I am not interested as of now till they get well established:

Frank Brenes
E: [email protected]
Skype: frank_mobi28

looks like a nice idea. But only for games where user spends points and wants to earn more
thanks for sharing

well you can use it as a payment method for removing ads too or unlock features/content in apps too.

You can, but for that tapjoy is better, download run - get the points - delete. But sure, it will depend on how much they will pay for first download

Hello Guys, Im actually doing some contract work with them if you want to hit me up I can let you know more details. Again this will increase your ARPDAU by $.01 -$.02 and it is not a simple ad unit. Works best with games that have virtual currency.

And yes it is a really cool solution that is 100% Google compliant. Again if you are interested go ahead and reach out to me.

PM thanks

Midverse Studios just launched a new 100K Free install promotion. Check it out!

PM me for more details… very cool very real no BS… PM ME

nice. here are the rules