Is Leadbolt running out of advertisers ?


Lately I only see a single application in Leadbolt’s App Wall. And they say they have a lot of advertisers who spend more than $30K a day ? No wonder the eCPM is getting so low… maybe it’s time to switch to another network ? Has it something to do with the new Google Policy ?

P.D: This is also happening in their notifications.

Please comment.

I am seeing a bunch of different ones on their App Wall right now. Mostly games but a few other offers as well. This is in the USA.

Man Leadbolt has hit rock bottom as far as I am concerned. I have been with them for a while, and they have been slowing declining on the earnings I receive.

My ECPM for notification ads are averaging $0.12 per day!! I mean really??

I have noticed over the last few weeks that they have been serving the same notification ad over and over.

I think they have ran out of advertisers.

Google Play is requiring updates to all my apps to meet the new Content Guidelines, and I think it is time to move on to another, better, ad network.

Does anyone have any suggestions on another notification ad network that has higher ECPM’s?

Yeah, I also get the same notification over and over and the same application in the app wall, that’s why I think no one clicks the ads :@ even though I have an increasing number of active users (more than 1000 a day for a single app).

My eCPM for notifications is about $2. The thing is I got a really high eCPM a week ago, but since then there has been a gradual decline in revenue…

I’m going to wait for their new SDK and give them some time, but if this continues like this, I’ll move on to another network.

Yeah, sometimes you will see a spike in revenue. Almost like they had a new advertiser come on board, but as soon as the advertiser has exhausted their budget, everything goes back to being real crappy.

…would be interessted where the most advertisers are going to … not sure if market gives room for that much ad networks around currently

I would suggest giving Airpush a try. I have had significantly higher CPM with them vs. Admob and Leadbolt. I was not very pleased with admob. Leadbolt was decent in the begining but the continual decline in CPM made me drop them. I been using Airpush for 6 months now and have pretty stable and profitable CPM. I also really like their weekly payment. Their new SDK is to be released next week, excited to see if my CPM will increase as they are introducing some new ad units as well. I’ll keep you guys posted.

I guess I’m going to give Airpush a try. I’m not even considering Admob because I’ve heard that the CPM is really low, not to mention if you have any issue with them you are lost because there is no support.

I have one of my newest apps on Airpush, and the installs are very low, under a few hundred. However, I have noticed that my ECPM everyday is around $5. I think it is time for a change.

As soon as they release their new SDK I will move all my apps over.

Is this high cpm from notificayion ads? Do they offer a decent cpm with banners? Id like to try them but don’t want to do notification ads.

With Airpush I have experienced highest CPM with their notification ads BUT i also use a combination of all their other ad units which yield a high CPM as well. Thus far I have been making more money with Airpush vs the ad networkers I have used before such as Admob and Leadbolt.