Is it worth the risk?

I read PixelProspect’s post about getting into Top 50 chart in India.

I set aside $150 to drive installations and rise it up the charts in India. But the game was released on 11th July 2014, and hence, only 17 days are remaining to seize the 30 day opportunity window to get into the Top New chart.

Of the 17 days, advertising will probably take 3-4 days. So, we are left with 13 days.

If the game stays in Top 50 NEW free adventure games chart for ONLY 13 days, I don’t think it’ll be able to earn back even $100. Furthermore, I’ve heard that ad networks pay Indian population very less.

Is it worth putting in the time and money? I already spent $60.

App is here:

A couple of questions to answer your question

  1. What is your AD revenue like per day on your game? I made sure my AD company had decent ADs inventory before I went into promoting my game in India.

  2. what chart position are you in now? You need to get into the top #16 new free in your category in order to get that organic boost your looking for. As far as the 30 days I wi look on the charts but I am sure I see games well over 30 days stay there but I will double check when I can and post the results.

@Pixelpower I am at #92 right now in Arcade category. I found Adventure category easier to rank in, so I changed its category. It takes time for Google Play to update rankings and downloads so I think it will shoot up in a few days when the category changes. Also, I spent only $50 right now.

I am earning only $0.01 per day. I am using MoPub and mediating Chart boost, AdMob and Millennial Media. No banner, only videos and interritial ads at the time of dying.

If your only earning 0.01 then it’s not worth it. Millennial Media I wouldn’t use and ADmob has been doing bad lately. That doesn’t make sense why your earning so little , something is wrong. Is there ways you can check if ADs are being shown , because I think for some reason ADs are not being displayed. You might want to cut out Admob and Millennial Media just use Chartboost and Mobpub.

$0.01 is abnormal! Also, you shows too little ads. I haven’t test your game (it seems promising), but you could try putting ads on launch, on exit, and maybe banner on the menu page.

Could you share more of your stat so we could help? For example, daily downloads, and daily impressions of your game.

Try to use MobileCore full screen ads. I just started using them but I earned $2.04 just for my 400 impressions. :slight_smile:

@romel_emperado @shuiwo @Pixelpower

Here is what my MoPub shows:

Last 7 Days

1.18K Requests
496.00 Impressions
42.21% Fill Rate
7.00 Clicks
1.41% CTR
Revenue: $0.07

Minimum eCPM was $0.05 few days ago. I canged it to $0.1

I just remembered that while making the game I thought people will get annoyed by ads. So, I should first let them get addicted to it and then start serving ads. In my code, I added it so that the ads will only show after a user will play the game more than 4 times. This might be contributing to the cause. Today I removed it and updated it. Let’s see what happens.

The thing that’s making me afraid is that there are only 16 days left for the game to be in Top New Free charts.

Update: Its now at #21 in the Top New Free Adventure chart

  1. You are sending too little ad requests, because not much ads in your game I guess. IMO, give users a feel that this game is ad-supported from the beginning, is better than adding ads later on. This is just my advice, you are the one to decide.

  2. Personally I didn’t use mopub, and I don’t have any app popular in India, but the stat you shows is very abnormal (low fill rate and low cpc). I would suggest you to use Admob only, which supposed the most stable ad network, and see the result. Later on you can try out other ad networks.

  3. I don’t have experience on changing category, but generally you shouldn’t change it. Couldn’t advice anything to you on this.

Wow that fill rate is bad , it was not your fault its the mediation not working. I would not use admob because they don’t seem to be doing good right now and they don’t pay much outside of U.S. , U.K. , and Germany. I use Notifymob , you probably seen me post about them before. Check out this thread so you can see feedback from other users too on money making with android NOTIFY | July EXTRA BONUSES up to $2,500. New Triple Play Ad Unit! - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android

@shuiwo @Pixelpower Thats some contradicting suggestions. @shuiwo told me to only show adMob while @Pixelpower told me to remove AdMob. What should I do? AdMob has earned me $0.00 while Millenial Media has earned me $0.08 and chartboost $0.04 (in 7 days combined)

What else can I do to increase my revenue per day? I desperately need to increase it because my ROI VERY negative when considering the cost of marketing and development of the game.

I have only 90 active players per day . Is $0.02 revenue per day bad for 90 active players?

Now, my fill rate is 54%
@Pixelpower What is your game’s fill rate?

My fill rate is 90% with Notifymob. Like I said Admob is not doing well so don’t use it. You should be making $1-$3 a day with that many users I only have between 40-60 active users a day. But since my game has 5 modes they play for a while.

Split 50/50 to Admob and ad network of your choice. Nobody will know which ad networks suit your app the best, you will need to find out yourself. And $0.02 for 90 active players are bad. 54% fill rate is bad, I never get below 99% fill rate in Admob (US traffics), but of course it is still depending on where is your traffics.