is it the right time to advertise ?

Hey guys, i launched an app this month, and it still has 12 days more in the top new free list, the number of downloads are increasing gradually each day, yesterday i got 350 new downloads, i’m thinking of using advertising but im not sure if this is the right time, what do you guys think ? does this app has a chance to get successful if i advertise for a few days ? and also im thinking of using admob house ads too, but im worried i could get banned or something because admob wont get any benefit from me using this feature :D, anyway got any problems with house ads before ?

appzilo only charges 1 cent per click for ads that might be best way to go

It’s probably too late to affect your app that has 12 days left very much. But it may be worth a shot. Admob has no problem with you using house ads as long as the apps are on the same account. In other words you can’t use house ads to advertise someobe elses apps, or even your own if they are on a seprrate developer account. I’ve never had good luck with pay per click ads. Usually it’s a waste of money. You want to find a pay per install network like app brain.