Is it Secure now to use appOptim updated SDKs?

I got 2 accounts ban due to appOptim’s old SDK however I like them because they pay weekly and their payments are much greater than many other. Someone using there new sdk?

And one thing I still don’t like regarding their new SDK is the notification appears after exiting app.

Notification can ban your apps. I think you must wait for some days.

Well, yesterday I decided to give the latest SDK a try, and today I woke up to a banned account. I hope that answers your question :o

I can´t see why you guys keep integrating that bullshit into your apps…

Because their payments rates and terms are great. :mad:

I decided not to go with their SDK. They don’t respond to skype messages, so I don’t want to work with them. Also, I don’t want to get banned cause of them.

Hmmm gud…

Well guys, all the apps that have the new SDK are currently online and working. We have removed all aspects that could have create a doubt for Google.
Meanwhile Rick, i am not sure your account has been banned because of us (app are banned not account in the cases of last week). Could you please (in MP if you want) tell me what was the app and when it occurs exactly? again all the app running the new SDK are live right now.

Another thing to Nabukodonosor, we reply to all chat support, skype calls and email everyday, our affiliates staff is dedicated to that. In case you had a skype issue, you can send an email and we always send reply.

Finally as said in the post, we care about our developer, we pay great rate and weekly. Our technology is innovative, brings less intrusion to your user experience and we provide promotion and socialization for an app not less that monetizing it. For all those reasons i think that some of the posts here are not justified, and thanks to the developers that support us on this forum, as well as the developers that are currently on the store making revenu everyday with appOptim.

Yes. I can see this app from many days with appoptim sdk

Hope now appoptim is good.

Did you remove that notification thing in notification bar? That can’t be google compliant.

And one more thing…is it true that we qualify for PPD rates only if in each install there is at least one click on your ad?

I think there is no need of notification at all. if user is exiting your app that means user don’t want to use your app now then why you force user to open your app? This notification frustrate user against your app. result more uninstalls of your app. Even I don’t like that notification in my own app and become frustrated. I think appOptim have to think about removal of notification. After that many developers will use there SDK. :slight_smile:

I don’t think the notification is compliant or necessary either. Michael, if you guys don’t want the code to go to waste, I would suggest maybe allowing us to send custom notifications from the dashboard like Parse does (except free for publishers). That added value might encourage more devs to trust your network again

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The notification in the bar is related to your app only, it does not advertise or create any forbidden notification.

Regarding the PPD model, it is PPD model with action and require at least one click on our ad but no matter if it is on ad of the interactive SDK or click on banner, interstitial, slide, wall from our second SDK. The important for us is to avoid tricky persons, that update with SDK get their money during one week and then move to another SDK…unfortunately we had some like this. We search to do long term partnership with our affiliates, and try to avoid the others.

Still hate that notification. :mad:

Is the kind of app like one direction songs copyright violated?

Hi Emma,

i got great feedback regarding this notification as many developers does not need to program this function in their app we provide it in the SDK.
It does not specify our widget but just showing your app., means:
1/ it permit user to stay and come back easily in your app
2/ it maximize your revenu share income

But Developers don’t want to f**k their users by filling their notifications bar. Users become angry and uninstall app.

I think best way is that provide an option to developer that he can disable this thing. Easy way to do that provide an overload of initialize function with a Boolean as startapp gives us for Eula.

I lost account due to your old sdk also lost many $$$$ and repo of my apps until now and will lose in future. I bought account very hardly. Now it will get many days to for reaching that stage. :mad:

My apps were in top. I also lost my all marketing efforts on those apps and got my name in blacklist on Google. Means you rune my life.

And one more thing why your latest sdk requires install shortcut permission which is clearly not allowed by google. Please don’t rune developers life for your little profits.
Here it is:
<uses-permission android:name= “” />
<!-- install shortcuts offers –>

I was the 1st who reported on the forum about apps are being banned due to appOptim.


the notification bar issue is a point that i am not agreeing with you at all. The developers search presence on the phone, user retention is the main issue.
the notification bar has a great power for increasing the user awareness about your app and increase your revenues. This development was required by developers. Any important app today is in the notification bar and use it as an advantage.
And i want to remind also that in any case the notification concern an ad or any mention of our tool, this is strictly a notification for your app.

Regarding the permission about short cut it is not right: If you choose to be on the google play store during the SDK integration process, this permission does not exist. on the other stores we provide this possibility to developers because those who are not on google play store request to have more flexibility on the ads.

We have today a large number of developers using appOptim new version and work well with it. I am sorry that you had issues with the previous version but as said in my previous post, we have warned all our affiliate one week before it happened to update the with the new version.

Our will is to work with developers not hurting their activity, and we provide support and help to all developers that came to us in the proper way. you can contact me in PM and i will do my best to help you recover from the issues you had on your apps.

I found that one app you were showing as an example which uses your latest sdk now not available. Removed. :mad:
What you say about this now?
Link Was: