Is it possible to manage different Google Play/Admob accounts on the same computer?

I have an individual license to develop apps for Google Play. But now I want to form a company, with different apps, so I will create another GP accounts and another AdMob account, and to work with both accounts on the same machine. Do I comply with GP terms? Anyone in the same situation? Can I have troubles?

You can have troubles only if one of the account gets banned from Google Play.
I have 3 GP accounts on the same computer.

It is possible but not recommended. Google may link all the accounts together.

It is possible, but you need to be careful not to get linked by Google.

Do your accounts have the same “contact person” i.e. bank holder, real name?

My idea is to have different companies (real companies), with different bank accounts and different holders, of course, but on the same machine. Do te same above apply for AdMob accounts?

To have different names on the same machine is useless in my opinion. Of course you can do it if you need this setup for your own business, but if any account gets banned all other accounts will be banned too.