Is it possible to hide EULA in Airpush?

Hi, I’ve heard that in new SDK there is an option to hide EULA (I have my own EULA). But I can’t find how to do this. Is there such possibility?

I recently asked Airpush Support about this. Here’s the conversation:

My Original Query:

I have a question about the “In App” and “Out of App” SDKs.

Do either or both of these SDKs have a EULA? And if so, is the EULA required, or can it be disabled?


First Reponse From Airpush:
Hello David,

Thanks for contacting Airpush Support.
We have forwarded your query on our concerned department we will get back to you with the update.
Please bear with us.

Best Regards,
Airpush Support Team

Second Response From Airpush: (later the same day)

Only OUTAPP SDK Contains EULA.

Do revert us back if you need any further assistance.

Airpush Support Team

So AFAIK, you can download two different SDKs:
1.) “In App” version (smartwall, various kinds of interstitials, etc.)
2.) “Out Of App” version (push ads, icon drops, etc.)

Only the “Out Of App” version has the obligatory EULA. So if you want to skip this requirement for your app, just use the “In App” SDK and you should be right.

I haven’t tried this yet - can anyone using the new Airpush SDK confirm?

Where I can download “Out Of App” SDK? At now I see only Standard SDK, Bundled SDK and Universal SDK on AirPush site.

same question

All of Airpush sdk now have eula. The standard, bundle 1 and bundle 2.
I want know if have some option to disable from the standard sdk as well.

Hey everyone,

That positing by David is old.

All of our latest SDKs (Standard, Bundle 1 and 2) contain a EULA for GPlay compliance and to provide transparency to users on data collected. There is not an option to disable it.

The only one without it is the universal SDK, which contains push and icon drop ads, and is slightly out dated. This is the out of app SDK. I would actually recommend using our bundle 2 SDK which is for 3rd party markets and pays up to $0.05 per new user install and EULA opt in world wide. (I can add this to your account if you PM me your accounts email address).

PM me with any questions,


It would be nice if you can accept it once and not see the EULA again in new apps with bundle 2. You do collect data so that can be done and you do only pay the developer for the *first time the user accepted the EULA. Just brainstorming here :slight_smile: I guess that would increase ad revenue if you also have bundle 1 if the user doesnt get scared of the EULA as they often do.