Is it ok to buy a Huawei Y9 Prime?

So I was going to buy a Samsung A30 but my mind changed after the guy on the shop introduce me to the Huawei Y9 Prime. I’m ok with the all the features but the thing is is it a good choice to buy a Huawei mobile phone during this kind of situation? thoughts?

You can surely wait for the Honor 9x but the Realme X is a really good smartphone as it offers a amoled screen,fast charger,48MP camera and many more over the Y9,if not in a hurry surely wait for 9x and 9x pro but if you want to buy something now then Realme X is the choice to go through.


Yea recently Hawaei has come up with some good phones. You can go with it. Who cares about 9apps? A year after you’ll again get a new phone I guess.

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