Is it normal in Admob to have a number of requests much bigger than impressions

In Admob, I have a number of requests 3x’s bigger than impressions.

Btw it’s not a loading problem, because I display interstitials and they have at least 30 seconds to load before display.

So maybe some poor countries that ads don’t matter ? Maybe using mediation would help?

I am seeing this from a week and also the payout has been less

do you mean that because of this.your oberall fill rate is going down?

I am seeing this for a long time, but only now I’m strongly considering mediation.

No, the fill rate is normal, 99.9%.

It’s like Admob ignores 2/3 of requests, maybe because the country is poor or they don’t have any campaign for that region.

do you cache your interstitial manually before you display them?
I have similar numbers, I think caching counts as a “request” even if the ad is not used after that (say, the user leaves the app with the home button)

Before the game starts I do:

            AdRequest adRequest = new AdRequest.Builder().build();

And in the end of the game I display the interstitial. I don’t manually cache the interstitial. (how do you do that btw?)

But you’re probably right, that’s why there are so many requests, maybe some people just get bored and leave the app. Thanks!

if you preload the ad but don’t show it, its a request. had that problem before.

Ah ok. So how do you do it now? I thought it was supposed to load the ads some time before.

That’s how we all do it. It’s not a problem. You’ll also notice admob says your fill rate is still high, usually >98%. This is because they don’t count the impressions you didn’t show against your fillrate.

how to get rid of this?

I too load the ads in advance and show them on specific time. may be user exit the game before that specific time. this is how it happens i think.

is there anything which could be done to ignore those impressions in the stats for better look and feel?

what is manual caching by the way?

Preloading is the correct way to do it. Like I said it’s not a problem. I’m not sure what you mean by better look and feel in the stats. You just have to realize not every request that’s filled is shown.