Is it good idea to start a company instead of indie ?

Is it good idea to start a small game studio with hiring 2-3 graphics designer & 1-2 programmers ?

I am experienced enough to make cross-platform games using unity. And probably i will learn cocos-2D with in sometime.

I am publishing my games , made with free version of unity only on android.
Now i am thinking to develop cross-platform games by hiring some graphic designers. I think that , i can programme complex game like subway surfer also.(Of course in unity)

If game idea is new , than you are going to be featured on iphone app store. And once you get featured you are going to make hundreds of thousand dollars.

So, Is it good idea to start a small game studio ?
How much it will cost ? I don’t own any apple device right now.

Any suggestion will be appricated.


for start why don’t you try some outsourcing, using or and see how it goes. It will be much cheaper, you risk less, you gain experience.
Programmers that know how to write games are expensive… but there are lots of venture capitals waiting to be milked :D…if you manage to get funding from someplace, hell yes, go for it :smiley:

I am wondering on the same question. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

hire freelancers to start with. We have amazing technologies like Skype, TeamViewer, Hangouts to get in sync with each other.

You better go step by step, it is a hard industry, and its better to have experience before risking major capital. I don´t get why you need a graphic designer to expand to IOS? And getting featured is not as easy as you think, and it does not guarantee to get thousands of dollars either…

Don´t hire anyone for now, outsource and see the results.

I agree until you understand how to market your games and apps to make real money it’s best not to make a company. If you need solid graphics for 2D games you can contact the artist at graphics buffet. Spend time studying marketing 1st and foremost. That will get you further to the point where you make solid money and then you can start a company.

Thanks for your answer.
But i think, you got me wrong.
I don’t need graphics designer to publish for iPhone.I need him for designing graphics for my game.
And for featuring, i am studying app store from very long time. If you see, recent featured games of app store, you will get that all new game ideas are getting featured.


Flappy bird ( Remember it ?) :smiley:
Stay in the line
Avoid the circles
100 Balls
Shoot the balls
Don’t tap white tiles

It seems that indies have more chances to get featured on app store,than play store.
Apple really appriciate talent. :slight_smile:

As you are from same country, you will better know that it will cost high to find freelancers from websites than hiring a person on salary base.
As example,
one 3D model will cost at least $100 on freelancer websites & it will make only 1 model per week.
And if i hire someone on salary bases (around $200/ month) than i can tell him to make models as many as i want.

kindly advice me. :slight_smile:

Not sure what the emplyment laws are where you are, but if you employ someone on a salary, you become an employer and have to consider all the legal responsibilities. There could be tax, pension, insurance etc. requirements. Here in the UK, an employer is responsible for paying tax (paye) and national insurance, has to have employers liability insurance, has to provide a certain number of holidays, and cannot simply fire somebody if money runs out.

Using a freelancer removes most of these barriers and (assuming contracts allow) means you can stop the work at any time if, for example, the money runs low. The cost therefore might appear higher for a freelancer, but the risks and overall costs could be a lot less.