Is it allowed to use 2 banners in same activity?

Hi guys,

I discover some apps in the store which has 2 different banners in the same activity, placed in top and bottom of screen. The banners are from different ad networks.

Which is your opinion?

Not allowed, one banner per screen is the usually standard.
I also see some users load up multiple interstitial on app load. I don’t think their is anything against that if your looking to double up. They can only display one at a time but it might bother your users.

as I read in admob policies, it was written, user should see one banner at a time. If it is a long screen, you can put one to the top, one to the bottom, so that user can see only one at a time.

but maybe others don’t have

I am using 2 banners in many apps without any problem.

Your for sure a risk taker. Stuff like that can get your accounts banned and your earnings taken away.
But with so many ad networks now a days, you might find a few that don’t have problems with that.

You are safe to use two banners on one activity as long as they are not Admob banner. Admob policy (not Playstore) states that users should see only one banner per screen.

Hello @byivan. You can use two banners as far as there are not from AdMob as far as I know. However, this is bad user experience and takes too much space in your app’s UI. Why don’t you try something different if you would like to combine ad networks. Have a look at Pollfish. You can use it along with banner ads with minimal intrusion just to boost your revenue!

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 11.06.19 AM.jpg

I don’t use admob and multiple banners is allowed in ad policy as it shows nothing on how many ads you can have. I use double Airpush and double startapp on my lwp launch screen since users only see that screen 1 time and never again.

So if we add the other banner from other network its OK ?

More banner doesn’t mean more money. It just pisses your users off and they wont use your app which = no money. You’re better off thinking of ways to make a better game/app to attract more users.

I think,

More banner = more ctr% = more installs = more money

Of course It will impact in DAU, only after test it we ll no if it is worth.

Same question, can we add 1 admob banner and one from other network?

I have two banners in the same activity, one from admob, the other from inmobi. Does this mean im doing something illegal and admob can take away my earnings?

i want to know, can i keep one banner and one interstitial per screen?
or do they mean just one ad per page either interstitial or banner?

hello @easyachiever thank you for your message. If you are asking specifically about Pollfish, you can user Pollfish and banner on the same screen. We have plenty of our partner publishers using us this way. If you have more questions please let me know, I will be happy to help.

thanks for your reply. i wanted to know about admob.

Hello @easyachiever, thank you for your message. From Pollfish side there is not problem at all. We have never heard of any app having any problems using Pollfish aside of AdMob so I do not think you should worry about that.