Is it allowed to incentivize users for watching the Admob ads and not clicking on it?

I have made an app that gives the users points for WATCHING ads and not for CLICKING on them. As soon as the ad is displayed they get points and whether or not they click they won’t get extra points for that. These points can be used to redeem vouchers of amazon etc. Can i use Admob for this purpose? Thanks!

You should check in with AdMob on this and get it in writing. If they do allow it, I’m sure they still want to know as this is an exception to typical promotion. I am assuming this app is a lock screen app?

Check us out @ Adscend if you are looking for any more rewarding ad solutions - like offer walls, market research, and rewarded video.

Does Ascend pay per impression or pay per install?

We pay per action (install, video watch, etc.) so diff. than AdMob. We are complimentary to apps like yours - another way for users to earn more. We work with major lock screen apps like Slidejoy.

We pay per action (video watch)… In the rewarded video Do I get paid after each video completion or after the user clicks on the video and installs that app?

If you utilize our offer wall, we go ahead & pay you for the watch beginning in a week or two as we are launching rewarded video in our offer wall. If you use our rewarded video stand alone, we only pay after the user installs the app. It seems like the offer wall could work well for you.

What I don’t understand is that you won’t make any money if the user never clicks on the ads… Why not use rewarded videos on Admob?

There are a lot of new, innovative ways to reward users, this is just one strategy of many. Rewarded video doesn’t work for all :slight_smile:

watching video ads for rewards is very common on many apps, so it should be fine.