Is Insta or Gram trademark or not?

Hello guys!

I`m preparing app and I want include Insta or Gram in their name, something like BananaGram or InstaCocos. Is this allowed or not? This article says Instagram trademark this two prefixes/suffixes How third-party Instagram apps are approaching rebranding efforts | Digital Trends

but there is a looot of apps on market with Insta or Gram in their name.

What do you think? Is better to avoid this two prefixes or you will use it?

If your app is not related to Instagram whatsoever, I believe you are okay. As one developer has stated: “We are not using the Instagram font, name, or logo on our marketing materials. Our app doesn’t need the Instagram API to function and is a complete separate entity.”

However, if your app is related to Instagram, I would definitely avoid using those pre-/suffixes.