Is InMobi banner compliant?

Clicking on InMobi banner ad will download MoboMarket.apk. Is it Google Play policy compliant?

It downloads directly from browser, not via Google Play.

Any feedback on this guys?

I saw an ad in my app too but from another network which directly downloads the apk. Should I be worried??

I searched the google play terms but couldnt find anything related to this scenario.

check out the developer policy under dangerous products:

“Malicious scripts and password phishing
scams are also prohibited on Google
Play, as are apps that cause users to
unknowingly download or install apps
from sources outside of Google Play.”

Thank you, @bill1979,

The download will run automatically when user clicks on the banner ad. It may be considered “unknowingly download” policy violation. It will be clearer if the ad opens a webpage with a Download button instead of directly download.

What should I do? It seems only AdMob ads are not policy violation. But AdMob can ban my account whenever they want.