Is exchanging reviews bannable?


There are some exchange review sites and apps already.
I’m wondering if they are against the google play policy.
Isn’t this a type of incentivized ratings? “A review for a review”

has anyone had his app banned by doing exchanged reviews?
I guess their ban robot can detect this.

Google is crazy good at detecting anything and they are getting better month by month! I would stay away from these. Do your best, exchange a few reviews here, and let the other reviews come organically. If you care about your acc, stay safe.

Basically how I feel.

The risk is not worth it. You can lose your entire Google Play account, and it’s very difficult (hacky/sketchy) to get a new one. Play by the rules and make quality apps.

Well, I don’t think that exchanging reviews is bad, its okay to exchange review because I don’t think that Google bots are going to know that you have exchanged reviews I would say its good way to make sure that your application outfit looks well and good !

Detecting exchanged reviews is extremely easy, I bet Google bots do that.

Well, I would say people over here are doing the same from a while and I don’t think any developer accounts gets banned because of the reviews exchange or … :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do it in moderation, it’s OK (exchange a few reviews with fellow devs). But trust me, Google is watching. I know a story I can’t share here, but they busted a much, much more complicated ring of people abusing their system, than simple review exchanges.

Well, I seemed to agree with your point we don’t know what google is planning but yes I guess there is a need of moderation !

Banned, no. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Google was ignoring such reviews for ranking purposes.

(PS. Sorry about the dislike, I thought you were only posting to promote your site, some people do that here, haven’t noticed you are engaged in the discussion :slight_smile: )

Well, that could happen in future but for now it feels like a good trick to take the spotlight over you ! :smiley:

PS: No worries at all I know some people does that and its bad though ! But what can we do we have to survive over the market and that’s the only reason there’s a link otherwise… anyway i always try my best not to make things looks like I am promoting my stuff I believe in giving and taking process :D)