Is ayeT-Studios still in business and what are the alternitives?

Hi all. I tried signing up to ayeT-Studios over the weekend and at the end of the process am still awaiting my account activation code (I presume it needs to be manually authorised) a few days later. So I attempted to contact them using their online chat system (which seems to never be manned) and left a message. Still no reply. I just get the impression that the lights are on, but nobody’s home.

Is this just me, or have others witnessed this, as I’d rather not continue to chase after them if they’ve quietly flatlined in the meantime. If so, can anyone recommend any alternative services?

They have their own app called CashPirate through which they incentivised their downloads from the real users…

Real users just install it and then removes it.

Thanks for that powerwinxp, but I’m already aware of how such schemes work and in what circumstances they make sense from a marketing point of view.

Would you be able to shed light on what I asked though?

The last GP policy update said that they will now take into account uninstall rates, especially for new devs, who have no history on Google Play. So having lots of installs and uninstalls at the same time can result in Google removing the app from the store. Also, ratings and uninstall rates will help shape an overall quality score of publisher accounts.

All this is to push us to paid advertising and stop abusing the system. Basically, it’s the same as they do with Google search. Eventually, they crack down everything.

I like ayeT Studios service, but I hope they’ll be able to figure out a way, that their users keep the apps installed for a longer period of time (1 week+).

Is this true? Where do we see the quality score, and what is a reasonable good/bad uninstall rates? I don’t know about other users, but personally I tend to delete apps on my phone, even the really good ones, so I don’t know how they can use uninstall rate as a metric.

There is no publicly visible quality score. But I remember it clearly when reading the updated policies. If you have 100 installs, and 95 users delete the app, it surely isn’t any good. So that’s something Google will take into account now. They’re not stupid, they know what’s happening.

The solution is to make the users, who install apps on incentive, keep the apps on their phones. I don’t know how this could be done, but there must be a way.

OK, found it:

Check the paragraph 4.8:

4.8 Product Ratings. The Store will allow users to rate and review Products. Only users who download the applicable Product will be able to rate and review it on the Store. Product ratings may be used to determine the placement of Products on the Store, subject to Google’s ability to change placement at Google’s sole discretion. The Store may also assign you a composite score for any Product that has not received user ratings. A Developer Composite Score will be a representation of the quality of your Product based on your history and will be determined at Google’s sole discretion. For new Developers without Product history, Google may use or publish performance measurements such as uninstall and/or refund rates to identify or remove Products that are not meeting acceptable standards, as determined by Google. Google reserves the right to display Products to users in a manner that will be determined at Google’s sole discretion.

From a technical point of view, it would be pretty easy to implement this.

OK, so I take it that no one can address my question?

ayeT-Studios is a member of this forum under daywalker313 and has a thread here:

Just post in his thread or send him a PM; he’ll respond to you.

I’m from ayeT-Studios and sorry for the issues activating your account.
Look at your inbox, I sent you a private message with some more information - since our platform is fully automated you don’t require a manual activation for your account.
Probably the mail hasn’t gone through or landed in your spam folder.

Unfortunately the chat plugin is a little glitchy sometimes and the most reliable way to reach us is either per mail or via Skype if it’s an urgent question or problem.

About the new publisher agreement - I personally don’t see any drastic changes coming from that update for regular developers.
They have always taken the active installs ratio into account to a certain degree, but still most aged apps end up somewhere within 10% to ~20% active installs ratio.
Also many (legit) apps are single purpose and usually uninstalled afterwards.

Since the wording as vague as always it’s hard to guess what Google is up to, but probably it’s aimed towards mass account and app spamming in the PlayStore which they’ve been fighting with minimal success in the past.

@bluedot, we have retention campaigns on our platform already. Send me a mail or drop me a private message and I can enable it for your account, it’s currently in a “closed beta”.


@daywalker313: That’s fantastic! Thanks, will let you know when I’ll need it - probably very soon.

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