Is Apploving still an option?


I’m going to switch from FAN to another network. They have an horrible fill rate and latetly ecpm’s have drecreased drastically. Apploving seems a good option for interstitials. Is anyone still working from them? Do they perform well? And more important, do they pay?


Applovin is absolutely a good option. They compete quite well with admob.

I am looking to move away from FAN as well. Any good alternative for Banner ads?

I think that FAN it’s the best network for banner now. But you can try StartApp, Mopub or Admob

I would be really happy if anyone could bring a bit more information about app loving.



i would not use Applovin as standalone network … the fill rates are not really good … i think fill rates are about 60 - 70 %
If your users are only from tier 1 countries like USA, Germany, … then you could use Applovin …

if not then i would recommend to use Admob ! Admob has almost 100 % fill rate in all countries.

The eCPM of Applovin is ok … but also not really big …

If you want to use Applovin i would use it with a mediation service like Heyzap or Admob Mediation

I personally use Appodeal (also a mediation network) … there is also Applovin included and i am getting 100 % fill rate and also very good eCPM with all networks together !

Also to answer your other questions about Applovin:

  • Yes Applovin is a legit network ! They are NOT scam - also they are on app advertising market since years
  • I always got my payments on time … as i know payments are 10 or 15 days after previous month

For me Admob worked always much better … and appodeal even more better

Hope that helped :slight_smile: Good earnings !!!

Thanks a lot for your information. I have never used mediation. I always did it my self. I think I’m starting to use mediation from now on. Squeeze every bit is really important this days. By the way, I can’t use admob, I was banned and won’t be trying to get in again after 9-12 months.


A lot of times applovin competes quite well with admob. Like all networks, sometimes, they do not.
Enhance™ is getting ready to roll out banner ads soon, but we currently support multiple ad networks that you can mediate yourself or have us do it.
Why focus on one or two networks?

Of course it is a good option. You will get incentive and I hope you will not face any trouble with new network.

Applovin performs bad in my appodeal mediation, it’s different from you…

Just 2 questions if you don’t mind:

  1. I haven’t seen appodeal supportting AppLovin. Did you created your own connector or something?
  2. Does they put in the middle of our earnings? I mean, HeyHaz for example has nothing to do with the earnings of each networks they provide but it seemed AppoDeal is the one that pays and not the adnetworks you integrated. Could you bring a bit of info on this?

THanks in advance.

Appodeal requires Admob Account … you said that your admob account is already banned … so you will not be able to use appodeal …

only for info … appodeal uses about 15 different ad networks … for example admob, vungle, appodeal, inmobi, mopub, …
You get your earnings directly from appodeal ! except Admob … alll admob earnings (through appodeal) you will receive directly from admob

Appodeal always supports AppLovin, you can see that in their document. As for the second question, tobiblueeyes has already answer it.

With Enhance™, you can mediate the networks you choose. Can’t use admob, then move on to the next network.
We are not an ad mediation network, but we offer the ability for you to mediate or have us do it.

I use Adtoapp (analogue Appodeal) and it does not require Admob, but with Admob earnings will be higher

I don’t know about the monetisation side, but I would stay away of applovin. I had a bad experience with them after spending 4500 bucks advertising one of my apps. For me, applovin is a scam, period. To sumarize: after they consumed all my budget the campaign do not stopped when I paused it and it continued to run and at the end my balance was negative in 723 bucks.

I decided to freeze ads at the moment… Signed up for for data monetization. Let’s see how it goes. The earnings are good so far ($ 1893 for the first two weeks).