Is anyone here using Google Play Game Serrvices?

I finally just got leaderboards and achievements working in one of my games, but it has been an uphill battle for the past 2 days. I’m about to dive in head first to a turn-based multiplayer implementation and I’m just wondering if anyone has had any issues or user complaints so far. I’ll have to say, now that it’s actually working it’s a pretty impressive set of features for a free service. Looks like a game changer, literally…

Am using leaderboards in my Work-In-Progress Quiz Game. I intend to use Achievements too. fingers crossed. I like the leaderboard concept and I hope it makes the game a bit more appealing to the users.

It seems very interesting indeed, but I was wondering the same thing, doesn’t it bother the users to have to log in with Google+ ? That is what some of my friends told me.

I have also integrated my app with Swarm for leaderboards. It also needs a user to login and can use Google, Facebook, Twitter or the user can create his own account on Swarm. Its safer to connect to Google+ on Google Play than with other networks, right?

I use Google Leaderboards and I wonder what do you guys think? Swarm or Google? I know that two big disadvantages of google is that you are binded to Google Play and can only log in by Google+. But I’ve seen some Swarm apps and it was working very slowly. Is Swarm for free btw?

I use Swarm in one of my games. It works well overall and yes it is free.

The best thing about Swarm is that it doesn’t require any activity. You can submit and show leaderboards from any java class.

and it’s fully adjustable? For example I can make it looks like part of my application?

In order to use Google Play Game Services for leaderboards etc. - does the developer have to signup with a Google+ profile (which means something associated with their real name etc.) - this is something Facebook forces developers to do i.e. they have to signup and be on Facebook before they can publish app.

Does Google+ also force something similar … or is is perfectly possible to add leaderboards etc. to your app WITHOUT signing up yourself to Google+ ?


Google Play Game Services asks for google login. lol, Haven’t you played or uploaded any flappy bird clone? :smiley:

After you are done laughing, maybe you can answer the question. Thanks.

I mean as a developer do you HAVE to create a Google+ profile (different from having a gmail account, having a Google Developer Console account etc., Admob account).

Do you need a Google+ id (and thus be signed up on Google+ as a “person”) before you can integrate leaderboards etc. with Google Play Services.

I suspect not - since it is not required for Admob etc. other stuff - but just confirming.

just chill man. google it to verify what I said about login

Thanks - I will remember this wildcard answer - as it has universal application to all questions.

Anybody else have a more specific answer - i.e. do you have to have a personal Google+ profile to implement Google Play Game Services leaderboard etc. - or is unrelated (just asking because facebook has that type of requirement - that developer have a personal facebook account which they use to create apps).

Also some folks here have mentioned that implementing leaderboards etc. was complicated - any pointers to why it was complicated - does the SDK change a lot over time or is kludgy etc. ?

Just trying to get some sense …

He’s asking if the developer needs an G+ account to use google play services in his app. No you do not, you can manage it all from the developer console.

Thanks XdebugX for clarifying that.

Although realistically, one would need a working Google+ profile to test the signin process/to streamline it etc.