Is android ready for MVI now? (perf wise)

Hi, I really like the idea of MVI, but am concerned with performance. The issue is lists and edittexts together with State that has unrelated stuff in it. Meaning, if unrelated changes, state.list gets reemited aswell.

Do you think diffutil fixes this satisfactorly? Is if (edittext.text =! state.text) enough?

Say your use case is chat screen with list, edittext and send button. Send button needs to be disabled when edittext is empty. This means reducing State every char typed, thus reemitting the list everytime. Debouncing is not valid in this case imo

Isnt running diffutil so much wasteful? What if there is lot of transformation of list data like you would have in chat app? (Grouping of fast consecutive messages as you have in fb messenger)

So, is android view framework ready for MVI/Redux? Should global State of unrelated substates be broken into separate States which emit only when really changed?

(What if list and edittext were related, then its unavoidable :frowning: )

I would utilize LiveData to break your state into logical chunks. Alternatively, you could utilize dirty flags for different fields, and check / skip those fields if no change has been made. Note I’ve not done this in practice, just a thought.

At the end of the day, what you really need to do is measure your performance. Build the release version of your app, and see how it feels. See if it’s janky. Maybe measure frame render times using the tools in Android studio.

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I’d love to see the result

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