Is Air push PPD sdk worth the hassle ?

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My app gets 3000+ daily downloads.
The countries from which i get the downloads have been shown above.
Will it be worth it to integrate air push ppd or something like that ?
What is the % of the people that actually accept the EULA?
How much money will I make from these stats ?
Are users irritated by the EULA?
And do i have to show air push ads to get that download money ?
I don’t want to do that because admob is working perfectly for me.
I believe if a company is giving you extra money somewhere,it might be deducting from somewhere else.
Please tell me about your expeiences guys.


I assume you are talking about Airpush Bundle 1 SDK since the screenshot you posted looks like it is from the Google Play developer console. If you didn’t know, Airpush has a Bundle 2 which is aimed at other stores.

Bundle 1 pays pay per download, but the amount varies per country. You have about 10% from the US which they pay the highest for. Keep in mind that you do not always get money when an user accepts the EULA. He needs to be new to the Airpush network. Basically, if he accepted the EULA in another app from another developer you won’t get PPD from him at all - even if he accepts the EULA again.

I have found that the EULA does have some disadvantages. It always pops up on app start up. This reduces the effect of any splash or interstitial ads that you might want to show at that time which in turn reduces the users chance of clicking it. Lots of users also just see it as another ad and don’t even read it. If you then present a splash after it, users will think that you just spammed them with two ads. Also, check out the permission requirements for Bundle 1. If it will add any new permission requirements it might reduce new downloads.

I think in the end you will just have to weigh up the pros and cons. I don’t know what type of app you have, but generally an additional dialog that pops up every session until the user accepts it will cause a bit of irritation.

This is just my option.

@SocioSoft: Very well said.
The whole PPD model is not what was expected. It’s more or less a scam.

Hi Rixxx22,

The pay per download SDK for Google Play pays up to $0.04 per new USA user install and EULA opt, and pays $0.002 per other countries, and is certainly not a scam. The value of your USA users is combined with the other countries to give you an average CPM for the installs. The EULA is necessary for the user to opt in to the pay per download. We see a high opt in rate at 75% or higher network wide. The EULA gives transparency to your users of the data being used for ad serving and gives them the option to opt out, which other networks do not. This is along with ensuring that your app is 100% Compliant with Google Play advertising policies. To be paid on the SDK, you do need to use all of the ad types included in the SDK. The pay per download is in combination with CPMs on our banners and smartwall ads. From your stats, a rough estimate on your potential eaernings will be $2 - 5 CPM from the whole SDK.

Don’t forget for 3rd party markets, you can use our Bundle 2 SDK and still keep your existing Google Play setup and earn additional revenue.

I hope you will give it a try.
PM me any other questions.

Airpush Nick

They changed it 2 months ago to up to 2 cents ppd for USA.