IronSource network

Anyone is using IronSource ad network or has information about them regarding ecpm, fillrate, etc.?

There’s no IronSource ad network, it used to be MobileCore now it’s Supersonic.
No I am not using them,
they do owe me some payments
TLDR: Stay away from them

@Sab - do they support adobe air for publishers?

They steal money. 2 days before the payments mobilecore block account with monthly earnings 2K+ $ And then do not respond to my emails.

Anyone has any idea if they will pay out the last few months of ads serving after they announced the end of mobilecore?

Yes of course. They have paid on time every month and today I received the email to accept the corresponding income payment of August revenue.
They have delayed and 2 months, the alleged closure and possibly keep delaying while Supersonic not work in a decent way.


They said they would pay at the end of July(August). Then they extended for September, now extended to October…
How can we trust them and move to supersonic if they can’t follow they word?

As mentioned by previous posters, definitely stay away from Mobilecore/Supersonic. They’ve lost a significant number of their developers to Facebook Audience Network and to mitigate their losses, they are refusing to pay out to many developers.

There is no IronSource ad network. You must be re check.

Never had any issues with being paid after 2 years or more with them. Not moving to their new Supersonic network though, as I’m getting better overall performance with Admob and StartApp.

@A1ka1inE - startapp supports very limited number of development platforms

Mobilecore is very good but not supersonic because integration is not easy (i need to add test device why ??? , it did’t work with eclipse just android studio)

I did the integration yesterday and I don’t need test device.