IronSource doesn't pay me money!

IronSource is the worst I’ve seen so far. IronSource is supposed to send me the payment on Nov 2016. I checked in the dashboard and the status of the payment is marked as ‘Paid’. However i don’t get the payment. So I phoned to my bank to ask for the reason. My bank has told me that they returned the payment since they sent to a wrong account number(missing the branch code). So I contacted IronSource and asked them to re-send me payment again. At first they seemed nice to help me. However later they just replied me that they didn’t understand which payment I were referring to, although I’ve provided all the payment details including the returned reference number. Now they just ignored all my emails and didn’t give me any reply for more than half month.

They owned me around $3200. Is there anyway to get back the payment? I’m very worrying I can’t get the money back.

Sorry to hear about this.
Did you earn the revenue through “mobileCore” ads? Ironsource have acquired SuperSonic and so they have closed down mobileCore (as I’m sure you would know as they released lots of info).
Try this e-mail [email protected]

I am sorry for your loss. Long a goi use mobilecore and they always pay me ontime. Right now i want to use ironsource to include in my several genre games and as ad mediation. I love their dashboard right now and easy integration with other ad networks. I hope in future they will play nice.

I hope you the best to resolve your problem with your payment

IronSource mobilecore decided to scam their users and not pay their ending balance when decided to close mobilecore…

I was getting revenue from SuperSonic in the past. Now SuperSonic has merged to IronSource. IronSource is much worse than SuperSonic. I’m considering to leave it and use other ad network. Two days ago I tried to contact them via their website, one of their staff called ‘Danielle’ closed the request immediately without giving me any reply. I don’t know why she did that. I don’t know how to contact other staff. Thanks for A1ka1inE giving me the email. I just sent her an email and hope I can get back my money finally.

[email protected] just replied me that she is no longer in the sdk department that she is not possible to help me. Is there any way that I can contact other staff from IronSource? I need to get my money back. It is very important to me.

This just angers me. I can’t believe they would try to scam their developer partners out of their earned revenue. We would never do something like this at TheoremReach.

I’ve heard really good things about NativeX as an alternative to Ironsrc.