IronSource closed my account with no good reason and never paid me

After running a small campaign for about a year with IronSource (formerly SuperSonic) I have received an e-mail out of the blue stating

[b]Dear Publisher,

We would like to inform you that we have decided to terminate our agreement with you as of the date of this email.

Please note that we identified activity coming from your account that violates the agreement and our policies, and accordingly, your account will be disabled. You will no longer be able to use our monetization products and services and all pending payments will be withheld.

Please feel free to contact us to better understand how we can create a valuable partnership, allowing you to monetize your apps, while helping us to create a better and cleaner network with quality inventory.

ironSource Mobile Support Team[/b]

Before being bought out by IronSource I have never had any problems with SuperSonic and have not changed my app either. When pressed for a reason I received the following email:

[b]Your account has been automatically blocked since your activity triggered an alert as it was below the minimum thresholds we defined as suspicious - all advertising will be withheld and pending payment will not be made.

Our findings are related to several different measurements and data that can not be disclosed.

Best Regards[/b]

Sums it all up. If you don’t want to end up in a similar situation avoid IronSource like the plague.

They also closed my account… with the same message… I tried to contact their support but is completely DEAD, they will not reply


Amazing that they sent you the same exact message. Anyone else got scammed?

Wow! I use that service to get installs… you were using it to display ads I guess, right? Are you using another ad company? If that’s the case, you’re not having any issues with the other companies?

Happened the same with me :frowning: I use other mediation Appodeal now - never had something like that with them, all payouts I receive regularly. Once I have received a letter from them that they have noticed a high amount of abnormal activity in my account - I wrote to support and they helped me.