Ircc automated phone system to check status system

When I am dialing ircc automated phone system to check status system is not giving me any info and transferring my call to an agent . It was giving me an update before but not aanymore.i received an email today saying MESSAGE IS WAITING FOR ME , but my agent has my gc key account and theyre closed for 2 days. I waited 1 hour to speak to an agent but line got disconnected. Does this mean they refused my app if phone system is not giving me any status anymore ?

Dealing with immigration processes can be quite frustrating at times. It’s not necessarily a sign of your application being refused if the automated phone system isn’t providing status updates anymore.

Receiving a message that is waiting for you might be related to your application’s progress. It’s a good idea to wait for your agent to access your GC Key account and check for updates. Sometimes, these processes can take time, and there may be delays.

If you have more questions or need assistance with your immigration application, consider reaching out to a reliable immigration service or forum like for guidance and support. Stay patient, and I hope you get the information you need soon!