Iraq, Iran, Affecting my eCPM? how can I remove those countries?

Hello guys, I am seeing a lot of ad requests from Iraq and Iran, my eCPM was about 0.90 before that and now dropped to 0.40 and it keeps falling, is that the reason my eCPM is going down?
I want to remove Iraq from distribution option on the Google Play Dev console, but Iraq is no listed.

any ideas?


Impression RPM:

If most of your users are from iran or iraq (as we can see on the image) and you don’t have another ad network for these countries, blocking ads form Iraq and Iran will certainly improve the ecpm but you will loose money…

If the ads are not shown in Iraq, they won’t be in other country. Ecpm is nothing more than an indicator. Money is the main goal

As I know adMob ads doesn’t show in Iran. It’s really strange that you have impression from there.

Actually is just Iraq, I checked and Iran shows just 3 to 5 impressions.

most of the installs are in Saudi Arabia

As Wob mentioned it’s not about eCPM. it’s about how much you earn. For example I’m gettingg about 0.5 eCPM from some of my apps but I earn more revenue from them than some apps with about 4-5$ eCPM.