iOS - any info about earnings/eCPM?

Hi! Did some of u make apps or games for iOS? How it is with revenue comparing to Android? Do u use ad networks or publihs paid apps? I’m thinking about splitting my app business and start making apps for iOS. But i don’t know if it’s worth to buy a iMac for this… Please share your thoughts about publishing apps on iOS!

Hey friend, I really think you should try it. I can not tell you about revenues yet, because I bought my apple account a few days ago, but statistics are very clear about that : ios developers earns almost the double than Android developers. Of course it’s only general statistics, but I think apple is better for indie developers. I’m kinda tired of Google policies, banning people for nothing, their support to developers is terrible, it seems they don’t care about us. Apple for me seems to have a much better support, they are very kind and fast to reply. Also they replied me in my native language, not English, which is great too. Take a look at this reskinning stars out there: Carter Thomas, Chad mureta Elaine Heney all of them constructed their empire of apps on ios app store. I think there should be a reason for that. Honestly, the idea of working only with Google scares me. I don’t wanna wake up some day and find out my developer account was banned for a stupid reason. Apple seems more stable for me, that’s why I will concentrate most of my efforts on them now. About buying a mac, not necessarily you need one. I don’t have one. I’m using vmware with osx El capitan. I don’t have any problem until this moment. Hope this helps.

From our experience IOS users generates about double the income than android´s, but the problem is how the hell to get downloads there. We always get 200/day during the first 3 days, then in a couple weeks i get 0-25/day…

Thanks for great info! I was wondering if using VMBox will not be a disaster, but maybe at first i will try to make virtual system without buying a mac:) Can you share us which tutorial u used for installing OSX on windows? Because I can’t make it work… Thanks in advance friend!:wink:

Yes, I also hear about those 3 first days… The main reason why I’m not sure to get into iOS is problem with high number of downloads, but I think I will try it and see:) Thanks for the comment!

Can we really develop iOS apps without a mac?

I don’t know if you actually can there is an article with instruction on how to install XCode on Windows but i haven’t test it.

Hey friend, Sure I can! Here is the link I used:

My notebook is a Sony Vaio, Core i5, 6GB of Ram and Radeon Graphics (Don’t remember the card model now, sorry).
It’s not a SUPER TOP Configuration, but the OSX El Capitan is running pretty decent, without much problems. Of course, it can not be compared to a iMAC native performance, but for using xCode it’s more than sufficient I think.

There’s also other options like making a Hackintosh (Run OSX directly in your PC). There’s some tutorials over the internet teaching how to achieve that. I personally tried it one time, and it brings me some problems (and for some strange reason the performance was very low, much lower than using virtualization with vmware, so I gave up this method.

You can also try this service, called MacinCloud (MacinCloud - Rent a Mac in the Cloud! - Mac in Cloud), but I’m not sure how good is the experience of using a Mac on the cloud, and you have to pay for this service.

If you are starting with iOS developer program, like me, you may find yourself a bit lost setting up everything to upload your first app, so I can recommend you this Udemy Course:

This course is helping me a lot, because it goes from the moment you buy the Apple developer account to the moment you publish it, via iTunes Connect and everything in the middle, step by step. You will learn how to set up provisioning profiles and other things you shoud take care, before upload your app in the appstore. Also, you will get a free trivia source code, which was great for me (I work most with reskins). The course is really good, I’m not associated with the instructor in any form. Maybe you can find some discount coupons if you Google it. When I bought the course it cost me only $10.

Hope this helps.

With me ads not good as on iOS, i don’t know about paid app.

But with iOS you will harder to get much download. You can buy an Mac mini for low cost or if you have strong PC or Notebook try Hackintosh.

For me iOS generates about 1% or less of the Android revenue for the same apps. It’s really hard to get downloads there. MacMini + iPadMini + cost of yearly license is higher that what I earn there.

The Apple Store isn’t easy, but as soon as you establish, you won’t regret it (you get used to have more than week in the process of approval). Not only you get really high eCPM, but also users are willing to pay for apps and in-apps.

The catch, you need to offer a good product.

Hey mmmkkksss - I wanted to mention, we can discuss some specifics about eCPM figures among both iOS and droid that we’re seeing, for some insight from our perspective - to compare how each OS is monetizing and potentially help you determine the best option for you. Feel free to PM me or hit me on Skype.

I’m developing both iOS and Android apps. In my experience, iOS generate more revenue than Android. Mainly it depends on your app’s quality, iOS has less downloads, but in the long term, it may has more active users. And deal with Apple is much easier than with Google.

Thats a really good point. Apple seems much more flexible and friendly than Google. At least for me. You dont need a MAC to run xCode. Use VMware and be happy =)


Android is generate more revenue than iOS for me due to huge differences of total downloads.