IOS ad network

Hello guys, ive been here reading but just wanted to drop and ask a few questions.

Im aware that this is an android forum but anyways… im about to launch game just for the iphone… ive already integrated chartboost…

any opinions in which other network should i apply to it?

the game app is an endless runner game type.

would admob serve best?


StartApp is also good alternative.

@jayherr Try Startapp,Appnext,Revmob

You should try out

You can make money from your app while you maintain a great UX with native ads.

Startapp is one of good choice

I think you can use AdMob

Hey @jayherr, you can also have a look at Pollfish since it can be used along with any other ad network you will decide to use, with minimal intrusion.

Applovin and Chartboost provide good eCPM on iOS.