Invoice Payment MobileCore

Is anyone already got invoice payment MobileCore for 22th - end of month?

Yes, 2 hours ago

Last period I didnt received invoice, whereas my earning above $200. Then I contact them he said will send invoice on 1st February and will accumulate my earning, but Im still receive my invoice till now.

yes, like 4 hours ago.

I see kell wrote 2 hours ago. Probably they are looking one by one. So, should be fine, wait at least one day

Got mine 3hours ago.

Thanks for the information

Got mine 3 hours ago. It’s $4596 :slight_smile: tnx mobileCore

Got mine yesterday :slight_smile:

Great number :slight_smile:

Wth romel u r killing it. Congrats. U had glitch in mobile core impressions yesterday?

I noticed something that my USA and UK were lower than the usual… I think revenue is okay but impressions looks like lower than usual… not sure…

Congrats! That’s a great number! Indie devs for life!