Inviting beginner developers for team


I am looking for developers who are new to android world and are curious to reach top charts ASAP. I will provide the source code of apps and games to u along with tips to get installs. then u can publish these apps and games as urs. The only thing I seek is trust and one ad unit with my ad unit id. So u earn from ur ad unit id and I from mine.

So just reply here or PM me and I will get in touch with more details and then we can take it forward. Looking for max 3 partners as of now.

Is it legal to have an app linking to ad units from different accounts?

There’s nothing wrong with it…

might be useful if you post the names of your apps and games.

Ya sure. U can have multiple ad accounts into one game. Admob is yours to take. If anyone is paranoid about adding adunits from different account, I am open for revenue split too, 80 percent is yours to take and share 20 percent with me at the end of every month.

Have so many apps and games. Sharing names of few:

  1. Battery saver
  2. Hungry Snake
  3. Disco lights
  4. Piano
  5. Guitar
  6. Drums
  7. Shoot bubble
  8. Basketball

When u PM me do share link to ur Google play account

lol did you get suspended on gplay?

Well, I was wondering if adding two ad code over a single application is allowed or not ! I think that can get your application banned I don’t remember actually where I was reading this I think I may have to take a look again over the terms and condition of the Developers account. But I don’t think that’s allowed. :confused:

part and parcel of being with google play. u interested?

i am interested.

Why people new to android? What was the reason for getting banned?

Because it works out well for them as they need someone to hold their hand and helps me too. I remember I was making stupid interview prep apps as a beginner which would get 5-10 installs at the maximum daily.

Reason for ban. You know google. Multiple violations. Sometimes too many keywords. Sometime bad ads. Sometime content rating too low. Content violation.

I don’t have a google play account

already send you PM