introduction tutorial

in many apps i have seen a one time introduction to app
with sliding images do any one how it is done
recently in new google apps update i saw the similar introduction
can u freinds help me how it done

Well, that sure is a good way to accelerate app downloads ! :stuck_out_tongue: But certainly this trick isn’t going to work out with me, I would say I will not download the app ! But if you still want your query to be answered put some screenshots and all… over here instead of showing others a path to download you app I would say :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not my app dear don’t get confused that’s why I told similar introduction screen is seen in the google apps …yes I will update with screen shots

I am unable to upload screen shot from mobile any way removed the link can u help me

I have never implemented it . but have a idea though . if the app starts for first time show a fragment with viewpager else show your content. you can use sharedpref to check whether it is starting for first time.

I dont know if this is best way. Be sure to ask in stackoverflow.