Introduction Thread

Hey guys! I’m surprised you don’t have an introduction section on this forum, this seemed like the most fitting section.

I’ve been doing internet marketing for the past few years, I owned a flash game site for a little while but due to mobile games I decided to get out of that industry. I think we’re definitely seeing mobile games/social games slowly replacing flash games and even the big flash game sites like Kongregate and Miniclip have converted some of their games to apps.

A few months ago I decided to experiment with apps a bit, I created an app but after doing some research decided to sell the rights to it instead of publishing it to the app store myself. Since then I’ve been mostly focusing on other types of online businesses and in the past few months I’ve experimented with eCommerce and a lot of other different types of online businesses trying to figure out what works.

Most recently though I have decided to go back to my roots and enjoy playing games again, last month I started a Youtube channel where I play Android games (with commentary) and that’s what brings me here. I’m currently experimenting running ads to my videos and things like that. We have the same target audiences (people that play mobile games) so I feel I can learn a thing or two on here.

Hi there :slight_smile: Welcome to the forums. I actually just joined, too.

Why not get back to making Android apps? You could do both YouTube videos and making Android apps, widening your reach (and profits).

That’s just my 2 cents.


I would like to get back into game development but I’ve found focusing on multiple projects at the same time can be counter productive because nothing gets done. I might get back into it once I grow my YouTube channel a bit more but right now that’s my focus and I don’t want to get distracted.