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Introducing The New Forums!

G’day everyone,

Welcome to the new forums! The migration is now complete, and all the old posts & threads have been pulled across to the new site.

The old site is still available as a read-only archive, but all future contributions should be made at this new location.

If you had an account at the old forums, you should follow these steps to get up & running on the new site:
[li]Reset your password. Your username will remain the same, and a password reset link will be emailed to you at the address you originally registered with.[/li][li]Log in to your new account.[/li][li]Edit your profile to add details such as your Google Play developer profile.[/li][li]Add a profile picture and avatar.[/li][li]Have fun![/li][/ul]

If you don’t yet have an account, you can register a new one right now! :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your patience during the transition. I hope you enjoy the new site. It’s designed to be bigger, better, faster, and much more able to handle a growing community of developers.

See you around!


Hi David,
Thank you very much! Very nice update!

Could you please post a list of Android clients to access to this forum?


Looks nice. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, David! Looks good.


David, proposition… move blog to : and move forum to main domain,

Blog is not updated and more knowledge is on forum. You will get more users, why? People who see date of last post will not join to community and thinks that site is outdated.

Nice new look. My only issue is with the limit of inbox messages.
@Martin, your inbox is full so i couldn’t reply to your query. You probably have to delete some of your inbox messages.

The inbox limit defaulted to 50, which I just hadn’t changed yet. I’ve now set it to 5000, so you should have no trouble saving messages :slight_smile:

That is awesome David! Thanks

Babuye try again please :slight_smile:

Hey David,

The new forums ROCK.

Thanks for the upgrade!

Hi David,

I tried sending you a private message, but got an error saying you reached the max amount of messages in your inbox.

Is there another way I can reach you?


Whoops Ariel, I forgot to update the PM limit for the admin group :slight_smile: You should be able to send me messages now.

What’s the new way to get e-mail notifications for threads one posts on - so one can know about followups.


At the top: “Thread Tools” → “Subscribe to this thread” I think.

Ok, these seem to already be set for threads where I have posted, but don’t seem to be getting e-mail notification of new posts in that thread.

Try this then:
Forum Actions (near the top) → General Settings → Subscriptions (on the left) → Select the threads you’d like to subscribe to (click the checkbox to the right of them) → Selected Threads → “Instantly using email” (under “Update Subscription Type”).
That should do it :slight_smile:

Thanks. Will try that.

Great post

I want to try!Thanks.:smiley:

Thank mr David