Introducing Gigs: A New Way To Make Money With Android

Recently I’ve been noticing a trend here on the forums. Quite a number of people have started offering items to sell. From ebooks to app reviews, developers are increasingly sharing their skills & methods with others. I think this is a great thing for the community. But up until now, it’s all been done in a very ad-hoc fashion. There was no way to tell how many people bought from a particular seller, or how reputable they are.

This is why I’m excited about today’s announcement.
Introducing Making Money With Android Gigs.

About The Site

This is a brand new site, designed to help Android developers share their skills and services with other developers. It’s kind of like Fiverr, but for Android developers. You can buy & sell anything on the site. Feedback from customers and seller ratings are available on every gig page, so buyers know exactly what they’re paying for.

How It Works
If you’ve got something you’d like to share (e.g. an ebook or a code library), simply create a new gig for it. You can set the price to anything you like, between $5 and $100. Other developers who are browsing the site can see your listing, and click through to purchase instantly using Paypal.

Once somebody orders your gig, it’s time to get to work! You can get in touch with the buyer through a conversation page, where you can also attach files related to the order. In fact, if you’re selling a digital product there’s even an instant delivery feature, where you can specify a ZIP file to be delivered to the buyer.

When you mark the order as complete, it will be sent to the buyer for review. Once they confirm the job has been completed successfully it will be marked as complete and the funds will appear in your account, ready for withdrawal.

What You Can Sell
Anything! The site is aimed at Android developers, so basically you can sell anything which other developers would find useful. Here are some ideas for the sort of gigs you might like to create:
[li]Ebooks[/li]Do you have an ebook with awesome monetization tips for Android developers? You can sell it here. Buyers can see feedback and ratings right on the site, to help make the decision.
[li]App Reviews[/li]Devs are always looking for honest feedback, and ways to improve their apps. You could offer to try out apps and offer honest feedback/critique. This helps the buyer, but can also improve your own UX assessment skills.
[li]Source Code / Libraries[/li]Do you have a super-cool HTTP streaming library? Maybe some other devs would find this useful too. You can share code snippets or even the source code for a full-blown app here.
[li]Web Development[/li]If you’re familiar with PHP or WordPress, you could help other developers to build a website, or back-end for their apps.
[li]…And More![/li]The possibilities are endless.
There’s just one thing to keep in mind - don’t sell services or products which are illegal or against the TOS of third party sites. This is entirely your responsibility - I won’t be actively policing the site for gigs like this. However these activities are not condoned, and shouldn’t be offered for sale on this site.


I’ve spoken to some of you about this idea in the past, and a few of you have previewed the website. I hope it will be a great opportunity for Android developers to collaborate even more, by sharing not only experiences and strategies (on the forums), but also concrete products & services.

In the post below, I’ll write up a FAQ with some more details about the payment structure and affiliate program. As always, please feel free to get in touch by email or replying to this post, if you have any other questions or comments about the site. It’s great to hear your feedback.

So, that’s it from me. The new Gigs website is live now, waiting for your jobs. Get out there, buy & sell stuff, and have fun!


[b]Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign into the Gigs website with my Forums account?[/b]
Yes! I’ve implemented a single sign on, so when you click Login or Register on the Gigs website, you’ll be offered the option to sign in using your forums profile.

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes! You can earn even more money by referring other people to the site.

Your personal affiliate link can be found on the Affiliates page when you login. Anyone who clicks this link will have a 30-day cookie stored on their computer. If they register for the site within this 30-day period, they will be registered as one of your referrals.

At present, you will earn 2% of all purchases made by referrals. This figure may be increased in the future. More affiliate features are coming soon!

Where can I find more answers to my questions?
Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Gigs site. If your question isn’t answered there, just reply to this post and I’ll get back to you.

Great idea, I’ve already posted a gig.

Question: How do instant delivery files work? Do the download links expire?

Good question. When someone buys an instant delivery gig, here’s what happens:

1.) The order is automatically marked as complete (although the buyer still has to confirm this before you receive payment).
2.) Under the buyer’s “Shopping” tab, they will have access to directly download the zip file

This download link does not expire, and every buyer will actually see exactly the same URL. Evidently it’s not built for security at this stage. However, I could add some extra authentication checks if there is enough demand for this feature.

For now, if you want to give people expiring download links it would be best to do this manually. That is, just create a normal gig, ignore the instant delivery feature and send the buyer a link individually.

Nice work David, this will be valuable to a lot of developers.

Nice work, I posted a new Gig too.


I can’t login my Gigs account with forum.
Here is the error:

Looks like a recent plugin update broke this functionality. It should be fixed now. Let me know if you have any more issues!

So you used a Fiverr Script. Nice! :slight_smile:

On 11th of July 2013 I purchased 2 gigs:
I will review your Android app for $5.00 - Making Money With Android Gigs
I will give 10 reviews + 5 star rating + app download from Genuine ID?s for $5.00 - Making Money With Android Gigs
Since now, 50 days after, these jobs was not done! I don’t want to wait any longer. How can get my money back? If I cancel the job, would you return me the same amount that I payed you? Thanks.

$1 with 1 install + 4review + 4Share app + free +1

Great work david, nice post.

great post!

Nice work. it helps me!:cool:

I can’t watch…“Site not configured”:frowning:

I’m sure using this information. Thank’s buddy.

I’m new here. Thanks,bro.

Great work!

Good work, David!:cool:

Hello, today I contacted Mopub through their email, and they responded saying that my payment has been rejected. I double checked my payment informations and both my paypal email and my payment info are correct. They changed their policy yesterday. Has anyone experienced the same thing?