INTRO TO ADABOUTS ENHANCED RTB | Beta Release Coming Soon | We Want Your Input!

Like you, we want every impression to live up to its FULL EARNINGS POTENTIAL!

With the AdAbouts “hassle-free” and lightweight SDK:

• All demand sources are integrated server-side.
• You benefit immediately from new demand partners.
• 100% visibility into bids from all demand sources on every impression.
• Our algorithms select ads based on relevancy for optimal earnings performance.

We’re building our platform to receive bids in parallel from all integrated demand partners. Our technology also optimizes ad selection with algorithms that predict user engagement. Why choose ads based exclusively on the highest bid when engagement and bids work in tandem to drive earnings? You’ll know it’s working because we provide a VALUE SCORE with every impression. A-B test and see the results for your self.

Our platform is built from our own frustration with inefficiency and sub-optimal results. The status quo is no longer good enough! We’re standing up to the monetization establishment to lead a REVENUE REVOLUTION :wink:

We’re releasing a beta version in May. You can Join the Movement pre-release in a few ways…

  1. Stop by our site and sign up at AdAbouts - Remarkably Relevant Mobile Advertising for updates
  2. Join the conversation and give us feedback at
  3. Follow us on LinkedIn:
  4. Sign up early to become a beta tester upon release: [b][/b]

Whit Oliver

please give some more info about your network like ad formats, payout cycle etc


We’ll be releasing the initial SDK to support banners, interstitials, and native with video to follow closely behind.

Regarding payouts, we’re currently working on an immediate payout solution and will keep you posted on our progress.
When your ads earn money, that revenue belongs to you and we think you should have access to it. Stay tuned…

Let me know if there’s any other info I can provide and join our mailing list also if you haven’t already at
We’ll start posting some product updates for feedback in the next week or two, starting with some of the work we’re doing on our front-end design.


Hi whit_adabouts!

Really feel excited for your new ad network!

How big is your SDK? Will your SDK help us to monetize all users from all country? Do you have BitCoin as Payment method as it is now very popular and very fast with very low fee :slight_smile:

Hey @fundev. Thanks for your message! We’re very excited about launching the exchange and getting the SDK out to devs.

To answer your questions…

  1. The SDK will be very lightweight, our goal is to keep it under 500KBs. It’s still under construction, but we’ll let you know the exact number ASAP.

  2. No problem. Our SDK will allow you to monetize all users across all countries.

  3. Regarding payment methods, we’re all about low fees and we’re currently looking at BitCoin as an option. We are also thinking about conducting a poll in the forum
    to get feedback on other preferred payment methods. We have Payoneer and WebMoney on our list of options to consider if you have any thoughts on those?

For info, we’re creating a google form for beta testers to sign up pre-release and will post that very soon.


Hey guys, just want to follow up and say hi.

We have been watching this forum to see what you as fellow developers like and don’t like about other ad networks/exchanges/platforms etc.

We’ll be posting some pictures of our progress on our dashboard soon and would love to get your feedback.

We like to think of AdAbouts as a developer guided ad exchange that solves many of the problems in the market.

I too am a developer and have been since the age of 12…I got into Andrdoid development back in 2009 when it wasn’t really prevalent yet. Since then I have personally learned the frustrations, complications and lack of transparency in the mobile advertising world. It’s like the wild west to be honest with everyone doing their own thing.

Anyway, to make a long story short, we are making it our goal to provide a platform that blows your socks off :slight_smile: We haven’t released yet but we’re getting close!

I would like to ask if you guys can provide any feedback on things you hate about other platforms and things you love or desire/want but no one is fulfilling. Thanks and I look forward to being more involved in your community here instead of being a passive reader :slight_smile:

I think I wrote it in the older thread too but here is what I’d like:

  • SDK that doesn’t conflict with already present networks and don’t force me to add all of them (in case your SDK uses and requires to add other Networks SDKs)
  • MoPub mediation available
  • Native Ads (with MoPub mediation)
  • not pay per Install

Thanks for your response Tacchan23. Our platform works with server-to-server integrated partners only. We do not integrate at the SDK level as that has several negative side effects to include:

[li]Not being able to support partner updates as easily, forcing our customers to update when our partners update.
[/li][li]Bloated SDK size
[/li][li]Increased testing required due to several SDK integrations

For these reasons amongst others we do not integrate at the SDK level. Our goal is to keep our SDK simple and lean. All integrations happen server side.

Our exchange will support CPC, CPM and CPI campaigns initially and you will be able to specify if you don’t want a certain type of campaign run.

We will also support native ads from launch :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response and feedback!

Hi Richard,

We would be interested in the following items.

  1. Light weight SDK with S2S mediation for both Android and iOS.
  2. Consolidated payment from all the networks by you instead of payment from each network.
  3. CPC/CPM based ads with around 90% fill-rate worldwide.
  4. For native ads, we expect the integration should be simpler. Avocarrot has done an excellent job with ease of integration for native ads.
  5. Payment should be on Net 30 basis with $50 threshold.
  6. Live reporting about our impressions and revenue.
  7. For payment you may tie-up with 3rd party provider like Tipalti which has good payment options and prompt payments.

Ah, I forgot to add about an adjustable floor rate (as I would use the network in mediation anyway, I would like to set higher ecpm floor and decrease fill rate)
Again, MoPub adapters already prepared would be nice.

Thanks for your response Curious49. I’ve addressed your interests below:

  1. Light weight SDK with S2S mediation for both Android and iOS.
    Our SDK does not integrate other SDK’s and only supports S2S integrations. Initially we will support Android with iOS soon to follow.
  2. Consolidated payment from all the networks by you instead of payment from each network.
    This is exactly what we are doing. No need to have accounts at 10 different places. We handle everything.
  3. CPC/CPM based ads with around 90% fill-rate worldwide.
    This is our goal as well, this is why we are reaching out to integrate as many partners as possible.
  4. For native ads, we expect the integration should be simpler. Avocarrot has done an excellent job with ease of integration for native ads.
    We plan to keep things as simple as possible. I have personally tested Avocarrot in the past and I can assure you ours will be as simple as it can get :slight_smile:
  5. Payment should be on Net 30 basis with $50 threshold.
    Our standard payout will be Net 30 and we are planning to release an instant pay function (with a small transaction fee)…more info to come later.
  6. Live reporting about our impressions and revenue.
    Our services run on AWS backend including things such as DynamoDB, Kinesis, Lambda, API Gateway etc. Our data is aggregated every 5 minutes (we may lower the threshold in the near future) so your data is always up to date. We also have a real time data stream that will be released which we are quite excited about, you will be able to view everything going on in your apps in real time as it happens. This is of course scheduled for release later this year.
  7. For payment you may tie-up with 3rd party provider like Tipalti which has good payment options and prompt payments.
    We are considering different payment options and plan to run a poll as to what you fellow developers prefer in addition.

In short, everything you mention we have in the works with some other really cool features that we can’t yet announce. :slight_smile:

Thanks Tacchan23, we’ll take this into consideration :slight_smile:

What’s very important for me is the ability to filter out specific ad categories like adult ads, gambling, and so on in order to meet the age ratings on Google Play.
I would not use any ad network which does not provide a filter like ESRB rating ‘Everyone’ or PEGI 3.

Thanks for your feedback itsnotme. We will definitely have the capability to filter out specific types of ad categories. :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Quick update – we’ve created a google form below so you can sign up early to become a beta tester upon release of the AdAbouts SDK.

There are also a few questions included to get a better understanding of your apps and how you currently monetize.

Google form link:


Tell more about instant payment option. Leadbolt have it but their fees are insanse 20% ;| It should be <5%

…and say something about your company, any details, your budged(if not mystery), funding… We don’t need next tapcontext, notifymob or mobvista…

Hey Ramzixp, thanks for the comments.

You’re right that 20% makes no sense… and is basically prohibitive.

We are currently looking at options. We will most likely come back and present some possibilities to get some feedback before we finalize.
This is YOUR money and we believe you should have access to it as quickly – and economically – as possible.

As for AdAbouts, we are well funded and working to build the best product we can for developers. It’s why we’re talking to you now instead of
releasing a product into the wild one day to see how it goes… we want you to be our partners as we release and build on the product over time.

The co-founders (Richard and myself) have 25+ years of development, entrepreneurial, and business experience on a combined basis.

We’re in this for the long-term. Let me know what other info I can provide.


Everything was good until net 30. Weekly or bi weekly payments but Net30 sounds like trouble.

…and your company base country is UK, London? Consider British Virgin Islands or USA to process cash withdrawal. EU VAT in London can be a problem for a lot developers from Europe. People have to register company and EU VAT number, thats why european networks aren’t so popular. For example mobfox and mobpartner, poor… sponsormob fallen because eu laws. For me also, I will not use company from Europe. I am reducing paperwork and working only with US or Israeli companies.
I know it can be difficult but locating it in London, you are loosing a lot of developers :wink:

Hey Pixelpower, net 30 is standard payout however we will be offering a pay on request option for a small fee.

Just remember, we integrate partners server side which means we have to collect everyone’s cash on a monthly basis in order to payout. Also when paying out several accounts on request at different times adds additional overhead and accounting etc, this is the reason for the small fee.

Once we finalize the on request payment program we’ll get everyone’s feedback here before making any final decisions on terms.

Thanks for your input :slight_smile: