Interstitial eCpm: Airpush vs Mobile core for international traffic

i’m looking to join as a publisher one of those weekly payers ad networks, and hesitate between Airpush or Mobilecore, to serve interstitial ads on international fragmented market (Usa, Brazil, Mexico, Korea…)

If you have experience with one of those network in similar situation as me, what is your current average Ecpm ?

mobilecore is not good for me, i’m now removing it, it gives 0.2$ ecpm where admob gives me 0.5-1$, also they make my app launch a lot longer
my main markets are USA & Brazil

dont use mobilecore they are playing with impressions and decreasing ecpm

They don’t track impressions properly sometimes, but the clicks are always registered from what I’ve seen.

I recommend Airpush. They have great fill for my international traffic.

And what you say about startapp vs Airpush.
Im in Airpush for 1 year and they always pay me weekly. But the ecpm is terrible. What about startapp, worth a try?

I tried startapp briefly finally, revenues were like 1/4 of what i got from admob. +there was a bug in their sdk with the ad displaying upside down on tablets. I’m talking about interstitial revenues, I didn’t tried their PPD thing.

As we all know - your milage may and will vary - this is my dashboard for last 7 days - interstitials got pretty solid eCPM - $0.8 -3.37 is not bad, not as good as December when it was 50-70 % more .Banners do suck thou
startapp dash

You’re welcomed to try appnext, our latest SDK is a game changer. Guys who work with us, can you please share your results?

you guys need to have $200-$500 weekly/biweekly payments (mobilecore is taking the traffic away from you guys bcoz of weekly with $200 limit). Else there is no point why one shouldn’t try appnext.

Airpush is very good for international traffic the average CPM is $1.08 also mobvista is very good with an average eCPM of $0.94 for international traffic