Interstitial ads


What Ad Network, do you think, pays the most for interstitial ads?

AdMob, by far.

For me it’s TapContext - $6.74 CPM [Month-To-Date]

I have tried only a few. mmedia doesn’t look great, mob fox soso, tapit pretty good (on par with admob) and admob looks surprisingly ok. Essentially it is the fact that we can be 100% sure admob interstitials won’t get your app ban that I like the most about it :slight_smile:

It depends on a variety of factors that I am sure you are aware of like what countries your ad requests are coming from, what type of app the interstitials are in (i.e. a game, utility, entertainment, etc…) but it also comes down to the network you’re working with.

Ad networks work with different advertisers and brands and their campaigns vary throughout the year. A DMA (Designated Market Area like Los Angeles or Miami) targeted campaign will provide much higher eCPMs than a country wide campaign with similar ad units.

I highly recommend that which ever networks you work with that you connect with them to confirm that your app/s can accept Rich Media ad units (i.e. MRaid Compliant) from them. Rich Media interstitials (they normally start as a 320x50 and then once clicked on will expand to 320x480) are of high demand right now. Ask your account manager if they are rich media certified and if they receive a steady flow of those campaigns from their advertisers. Ask them what countries they receive most of their campaigns for particular ad units.

For an engaging app/game, use something else than admob because of 5 impressions limit of admob.

ooh i didn’t know that. Is it against their policy or will they just stop showing more than 5 impressions?

Very interesting - if true.

However, it could be that admob cycles through the 5 ads - i.e. maybe has a limit of max 5 ads to fetch to show to user. In a long session-length game, the ads may still continue to be shown but their variety will go down - as same ones be shown again and again (if that is what you are saying).

In such a case, while variety will suffer, I am not so sure if it’s impact on revenue maybe that great - BECAUSE just because a banner ad is showing doesn’t mean the user is looking at it - so the same banner ad may become interesting or in the field of view of the user at a later time (if repeated).

Admob may have determined (if this 5 limit is true) - that there is no point showing more than 5 types of ads - as the incremental value of showing one more new variety of ad goes down after that.

I thought somebody here got his app removed because of TapContext, so until now you didn´t have any problems using them?


It is true, the email they sent out when interstitials became available said to limit to 5 ads per session. They don’t limit you to 5 ads or cycle them, they just suggest YOU only show 5 per run of the app.

Sorry I was thinking of banner ads (is such a restriction on banner also ?).

For interstitials 5 ads is a LOT - since at a typical 3 minute between ad showings, that is like 15 minutes (which should cover most session-lengths including very long ones for games ?).

Anyone know if there is a limit to the number of different BANNER ads that will be shown during an app-session ?

Yeah, someone told me admob pays the most for interstitials. I have just integrated them in my game and i am going to try them out.

There’s not one that I know of, for AdMob banners.

Definitely not. Even for interstitials it is just sort of like a best practise to limit 5 ads per session. There is no such limit for banners.

For me Admob pays a good value for Android version of my app, however for iOS Admob pays a low value ( ECPM £0.7 )

Interesting … because we generally hear about advertisements also paying more on iOS (because of the richer demographics).

What about fill rate?

Its good 99.66% during last week of over 150k impressions of ios interstitials.

No. I strongly believe that GP will never ever ban my 10 apps which I have integrated with TapContext’s SDK. Have been using them for 5 months without any problem.