Interstitial Ads earns more

Is it very obvious that interstitial ads has higher CTR than other ad formats?

I use fullscreen and overlay ads when opening the app

By the way, this data is from Mobvista

I will try to use the interstitial ads, which one is better? fullscreen or overlay?

Yes. Interstitials have a better CTR, because they are bigger than banner ads and when they appear, it’s usually between game play/app use so they get the user’s full attention. So CTR should be higher.

Banner ads can appear more times and generate more impressions, so it’s a number’s games.

BTW, your eCPM donsn’t seem very high, especially if you are showing the interstitial during app launch. If you can elaborate about the countries your users are coming from, that would be great. A lot of network may give you a better solution (appnext being one of them).

But tried appnext two months ago, I never saw this high CTR. I will keep using Startapp and Mobvista for a few weeks and keep reporting my data here. Thank you for your advice. Besides, you are a representative of a mobile ad network company, I don’t think you should say these comment about other company’s data in this public thread of forums. But still, thank you for your advice.

Yes, usually our CTR is a bit lower (although not all the time), but the eCPM is what counts at the end of the day.

As for my comment - just tried to help… commenting on data is something we do here all the time. I actually prefer to say these things in public, just as long as it’s professional. When I discuss in private, I usually don’t mention any other company :slight_smile:

But I respect your opinion. Sorry if it was too intrusive/pushi.

You have very high CTR, less CR, and less eCPM.

I would suggest you to try CPC networks with that CTR

Jonathan is THE most professional rep here, cut him some slack man. you should have seen the posts from mobario-man or airpushPhil or that Leadbolt guy some years back

Hi, it’s ok. Thank you for your help. Let’s make some money peacefully~:D

I try CPC networks but never got this high CTR

OK. I know that. Thank you for everybody’s advice:D

Developers will focus more on eCPM.
CTR and CVR is used for analysis.

Hey Guys,

While we’re on the topic of interstitials I just wanted to let you guys know we’ve just released our SDK containing our robust video interstitial ad unit.

  • We guarantee $3 CPM for all US traffic
  • net 30 payment
  • sign up bonus (limited time offer)

Please PM if you have any questions!


But I have net 7 payment in Mobvista, they pay me every Monday.

Yes net7 pay is great, we too are working towards that payment model. While our pay may be a little slower our CPMs are very strong and our developers are seeing a big increase since implementing our video interstitials.

Please remove from your registration form APP/URL .Many people here have tens of applications in market. No need any extra checks or approval developers hate it . Take the example of leaders like Startapp.

@Korunt - thanks for your input. We request the app URL so we can get more info on your app and inventory, this is sent to our demand partners who then will increase bids depending on their campaign targeting, with that being said the App URL field is not required. We are currently making some changes which should expedite the sign up process.

Yes, interstitial Ads earns more, but it is hard to get such high CTR. Is it because Mobvista?

I want to know that how many impressions you have now and how big your company is?